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Agence Future Nov 14, 2003 5:53 AM

Architect looking for right digital camera
I'm an architect and I've not been using a digital camera up to now.
Now I'm planning to buy one before the end of the year but I'm a bit lost in the very large selection on offer.
Basicly I'm looking for a machine that will take good pictures inside with/without flash, have a very wide angle lens (21mm in mechanical lenses) and it would be nice if it could also easely be adjusted manually. My budget is up to $1500. One of the camera's that caught my eye was the Sony DSC-F828, but I would need a adapter wide angle lens, if available......
Thank you,
B :D

slipe Nov 14, 2003 10:51 AM

The F828 isnít available yet so there arenít any reviews. It will be huge and heavy.

I think your best bet would be a Canon Digital Rebel DLSR with the standard zoom lens and get a 21mm wide. With a decent memory card and spare batteries you should be well within your budget. You would also want a flash attachment with a wide attachment for taking 21mm flash shots.

Of the current non-DLSRs I think the Minolta A1 would be the most appropriate for what you are doing. It has a stabilized 28-200 zoom. It has a big manual zoom ring and more dials, switches, rings, bezels, knobs etc than any other digital including DLSRs, so you arenít so menu dependent. It uses 14 bit AV conversion and has native Adobe RGB. The stabilized lens will let you hand hold shots that would otherwise require a tripod. If you donít want to mess with raw it has a superfine JPG that gives excellent results.

BillDrew Nov 14, 2003 11:07 AM

How good a picture do you need, e.g., web, small newspaper adds, 8x10", double page, ...?

If you want extreem wide angle, you should consider a fish-eye lens. Those can be de-fished fairly straight forwardly, but there is a really steep learning curve. One tutorial on doing that can be found at

It is likely that any add-on lens will produce enough distortion that you will want to correct it, even if it isn't a fish-eye. If you go with one of the digital SLRs in that price range, keep in mind the crop-factor/multiplier which is about 1.5. That means to mimic your 21mm lens you will have to use a 14mm lens. Rectilinear 14mm lenses do exist, but are likely to use up your entire budget just for the lens.

bhaskarannadata Nov 18, 2003 12:17 PM

My Nikon 2100 produces excellent images of buildings in "architechture" mode...
The focussing is great... image is sharp...
Thought it was worth mentioning.

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