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Default B+W f-pro UV filter any good?

I know there are many discussions on use or not use UV filters, I am kinda with the not use crowd.

BUT, I am going on vacation, and will be on the beach, where it is windy, sand, and was thinking it might be a good thing for this environment.

I was thinking of the B+W f-pro UV, what do you think?

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I would definitely use a filter. Simples
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You might want to consider a polarizing filter instead, for beach use. Glare from reflections off water and wet sand are better controlled with a polarizer.

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CPL would be the better bet, it will do more for the reflextion issue from the water then a UV or haze filter.

Here is a example of the reflection with a normal Haze 1 filter. A cpl would have been able to deal with it better.
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On a digital camera, a UV filter only protects the paycheck of whomever sold it to you; digital sensors are not sensitive to UV like film. A skylight filter is good in an environment of airborne dust, sand, muck, of flying mud and blood and beer. Take a CPL to the beach. Take two; they'll double as a variable-ND filter. Take an extra, in case one is munged by crud. If the air is salty-humid, take a plastic bag to enclose your camera. Or take a ruggedized camera -- a waterproof P&S, or a Pentax K20D or K7 with WR (weather-resistant) lenses (but you'll still want a CPL or two).
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