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Default Back Ordered

I sent an email to a store regarding the purchase of a digital camera, and the sales personnel wrote me back that the item was "Back-Ordered".
I would like to know what exactly the above term means as i am not native to the US.
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manufacter not able to supply, building more....
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not in stock. on order. awaiting stock replenishment.
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shady merchant, credit card charged. "back ordered" "checks in the mail" "dog dont bite"
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Default The humor above is not at your expense Ajit

The humor in the reply above will be hard to understand if English is not your first language and you're not familiar with North American culture. "Back order" is what the dealer tells you when an item is popular and many people want it, for example the digital SLR Canon D 60. Demand exceeds supply. Ritz gets a shipment in each week, the number varies and back orders are filled by waiting list of customers who want the item. If you inquire about a camera from Ritz Photo on line and they tell you it's "back ordered," you can place an order by giving your credit card number. They will not put the charge on your credit card UNTIL the camera is in stock received by their warehouse, and ready to be shipped to you. They do have a weekly email to you with your order number, to let you know that either the camera is still back ordered and you're on a waiting list, OR that it came in and thye've now charged your credit card and are shipping it to you. They can't be very exact about your wait because sometimes Canon ships them 5 cameras in a week and sometimes fifty.
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No merchant listed until your reply. Humor was at my expence $800 from Tatum Electronics about 6 years ago. "back ordered" they string you along until your card has been charged ovr 30 days. Was ment to have a warning that if your card has been charged by a shady merchant that does not have the merchandise when or if you get your card refunded you will still pay interest. Sir, please tel me why you brought Ritzs name into this, they are an honorable merchant. when a warning is giving with either humor or boring straight forward a top merchant name like ritz should be kept out.

read some of these horor stories, maybe you wwill see a whole new meaning to "back ordered"


You will need to copy and paste link to browser.

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If I allow an item to be 'back ordered' the first thing I ask is do they charge my card now or when shipped?

If now I stop the process then, cancel the order and look else where.

If they indicate when shipped, I'll place the order. I have had occasions when the merchant went ahead and charged the card prior to shipping. This has happen a number of times.

As soon as I realise that I've been charged and item has not shipped, I call my credit card company and started the process of suspending and reversing the charges.

This effectively takes the item off your bill. Should the item not be received or not received in a timely manner, this is also the starts of the process to charge back the item to the merchant.

*Be advised* that any time you allow a merchant to back order and bill your card before shipping you may be paying for the item before received -or- charged interest from the date of the charge, not shipping, until payment is received, regardless of when the item was received.

Even when you put it on suspension and interest dosen't accumulate, once taken off suspension when the product is received, you may be billed interest based on the 'double declining balance' method because even though the item was in suspension, when it comes off, it's automaticly past due and so the prior months balance was not considered paid in full. This does avoid those costly service charges though. And usually the credit card companies will work with you to remove the interest charges if you've put something in suspension due to non-receipt.

My advise, don't allow back order charges to your card and when it happens take action with the credit card company right away.
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