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Default Bad Rep? Canon 60D

I recently decided to upgrade from my Ti1 to the 60D. With the specs, IQ and build quality over the T1i I felt would be a good step up. I am still learning about it's features, but have seen it has really taken some bashing in other forums.

Most comments have been about the non metallic frame and differences from the 50D. I have read the reviews which claimed it to be a good addition to the Canon family. I guess, I'm really looking for input and thoughts from other 60D owners and forum members.

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Hi you have a very good camera thats all I can say. You will get people who knock it but what the hell, if you like it and it performs well then thats that. I have the T2i and have seen bad reviews of that but it performs very well and so I am very pleased with my choice as I am sure you will b. Good Luck
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I have a question. Apart from megapixels and slight image size difference, is the 60D really an significant upgrade from T1i?

Sorry to bother, but just wondering.

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Originally Posted by dropmyload View Post
I have a question. Apart from megapixels and slight image size difference, is the 60D really an significant upgrade from T1i?

Sorry to bother, but just wondering.


To answer the above and the topic of discussion.....yes, it is an upgrade to the T1i. I have the T1i and still use it as a back up to my 60D or when I just want something lighter. One of the biggest upgrades (aside from the HD video of the 60D and articulating screen) is the auto focusing system which is 9 points (same as the 50D) over the T1i's 1 point. The view finder is also larger at 96% (I believe). It's also a better feel when using a heavier lens (like an L lens) as the camera has more weight. Optically, I've found that it performs very nicely and the screen (which I think is also an upgrade over the T1i but similar to the T2i) displays photos' very well with pleasing colour.

There's more, but technically other members are better at explaining it. But, having used both I thought I'd just add a couple of quick points.

And yes, I think the bad feedback on some sites are for nit-pickers. Coming from the T1i, I don't find anything to complain about. I've heard of several 50D owners buying them and are happy with them even though the body casing is plastic....although, its a very durable nice plastic. I like the feel of it in my hands and it has enhanced my photos. The on-board creative features to be honest I haven't used but that's not why I purchased the camera. I wanted the better auto focusing system for when I'm outside with the kids and they're running around which the camera provides coupled with the right lens, of course. There's nothing wrong with the T1i at all. In fact, a cousin of mine just bought one at a really good price and coming from a point and shoot he LOVES the IQ it's providing him.
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on other forums people wanted a cheap mans 7D, they though the d7000 was that. So before it was even on the store shelfs people were bashing it base on paper specs without know the caveats with those impress paper specs. It is when the camera got to the market that people realized that the d7000 was not a baby 7D or d300s and that it was a neck and neck race between teh 60D and d7000. Each has their strengths. The canon is the better action camera with nicer jpegs, the d7000 has the better DR and noise control It comes down to what you need in the camera.

So no one that bash the 60D point to the fact is was name amateur photography's camera of the year. So it is not a bad camera at all, and actually a very good camera, with allot of nice options for rebel users looking to move up that dow not want to put out the 1700 for a 7D or d300s body. You get allot of performance in a 900 dollar body.
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just ignour what people say about your camera - if it has a flaw then discover it for yourself - if you can find a problem then everything is good

hell i shoot pentax and everyone bashes them to high hell simply because they aren't canon/nikon but i love my k5 and no one is gonna tell me is not a great camera
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