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I've been using a fuji 4700 mostly to record pics of drawings and paintings. Itnow has afault but I may opt to replace it as to me it has always had quite obvious barrel distortion particularly when anything is framed .
See attached pic.

Is this inevitable with most cams or are some makes better than the fuji?
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Most cameras have some barrel distortion at wide-angle. It varies with the brand and model. You may be able to decrease the distortion by stepping back and zooming in more (distortion usually decreases as you zoom--this depends).

Supposedly, you can also find software to correct barrel distortion but I'm not into image editing so I don't know much...
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I also shoot my own art work and my first digital camera was a FugiFilm 2600 3mp auto zoom. Barrel distortion was really bad and subsequently moved up to a dSLR- like Konica Minolta A2.
If you really want to take good quality digitals of your work you might look into a dSLR or a dSLR-like camera. A dSLR-like camera like the A2 has the focus and features of adSLR camera but the lens cannot be interchanged or removed. This allows for a cheaper price that a true dSLR camera. The lens configuration of the dSLR's and dSLR-like cameras compared to your point and shoot digitals are better and barrel distortion is improved but not completely eliminated.
Stepping back and zooming in with a point an shoot is going to improve the distortion but the focus and sharpness of the picture will suffer.
Use a tripod and be sure to get aligned straight with the artwork. Then any distortion can be corrected in Photoshop. Photoshop Elements($99) has a simplified perspective function that works fairly well but you need to do a little cropping do get really straight edges.
When looking for a digital camera make sure it can record Tiff files and RAW files. These files capture much more information that then can be worked with on your computer. Also if you plan to use any of your images for promotional cards or catalog the printers will require your digital files be TiFFs . Jpeg images just do not have enough resolution to be used in any professional printing format.
If your serious about recording your work you should definitely archive your work in TiFF files at least.
Hope this helps.
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Thanks for your replies. I do have Photoshop so could possibly correct them there -At the moment I do not have the funds to buy an SLR type cam, or any expensive replacement for my 4700 - also My pics are mainly for myself and for my website, also to record my students work so I prefer thecompact size for portability.I do have a tripod but I tend to snap them in a bitof a hurry. under the right conditions the colour reproduction is quite accurate though the changing lighting often plays havoc with the white of the paper on any drawings. I often correct this in Photoshop to give a more realistic image. What's the best simplest light source to use for works on white paper ? Is there an online guide on photographing artworks any where? My 4700 is probably still quite sufficient for my basic needs provided the repair is not too much.I need to send it off to fuji for an estimate.
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