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Three of my friends tell me that if they leave the batteries in their digital cameras for just two or three days the batteries will run down, even if they don't use the camera. Is this normal for some cameras or is their cameras defective? It sounds strange to me as i leave the batteries in my camera - an HP 720 - all the time and it can sit there for weeks without the batteries running down until i take lots of pictures. One fellow had a Centrios (sold by Radio Shack in Canada) and i think both of the others had Fuji's.
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Depends on the kind of battery being used: NiMH self discharge and run down in the camera or just sitting on the shelf. Lithiums don't, or at least nowhere near as fast.
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Thanks for your reply. I'm not sure what they were using but i believe they were rechargables. I use the NiMH type in mine and i have no problem with them running down.
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The batteries must not be fully charged or bad. I use NiMh in a Fuji S5100. It sat for three weeks then I shot 100+ pics with flash. It sat for two more weeks then I shot about 50 more pics with flash before switching in another set (4) that sat in my bag from the original five weeks. I then shot more than 130 outdoor pics with those batteries. That was two weeks ago and I haven't charged them yet. I just fired up the camera and flash. The flash charged in less than about two seconds.

NiMh batteries will discharge over time but some crude tests I did with my camera's discharge option indicates it's way less than 1% per day. You should easily get 6-8 weeks of idle time and still have camera time.

Of course, that's with a S5100. :-) YMMV!
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In my little Canon Powershot A10, I use both Alkaline AAs and nicad AAs. Both can sit there for weeks and weeks with no problems.

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Look at the displays on the camera. With the camera turned off, if any data is displayed, battery power is being consumed. On my Nikon D100, the top lcd display ALWAYS shows the number of frames remaining. It takes power to do this. However the Nikon Lion batteries are extremely good and the drain from the display is trivial.

On the other hand, I have three sets of NiMH batteries for my Minolta S414. The spare sets will go dead in the carrying case in about a month.

Cal Rasmussen
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