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Default Best 2 MP digicam under $300 with video out

Which are the best 2 MP digicams under US$300 which have a video out provision to see pictures on TV. Audio will also be preferred, but not essential.
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Heck, for 300$, you can get a 4mp Olylmpus C4000.

It's practicaly an SLR, just without the actual single lens reflex. What I mean is it's loaded with manual features. 3x zoom, 3 ISO speeds, 16 sec max shutter delay, noise reduction, the whole nine yards.

I just wish I had the 300$ to spend so I could go get me one.

Oh yeah, it has video out too, of course!
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Old Mar 27, 2003, 12:05 AM   #3
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One comment about using your camera to show pictures on TV, they have to be UNEDITTED pictures...you can't load them into a computer, edit them, and then upload back to the camera to do a presentation. Cameras store information within the picture called Exif, and if that's missing, or you're using a resolution that's not compatible with the camera that picture won't show up. Also, some cameras will show some text on the screen each time you bring up a new picture (date, time, some settings, etc.) and that will be on the screen a few seconds...ok for sharing pictures at home, but not so good for a professional presentation.

For professional work, the pictures loaded into a presentation program and shown with a projector, or maybe recorded onto videotape.

You didn't say whether you wanted this for personal or professional, so I thought I'd cover both.
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Old Mar 27, 2003, 6:32 AM   #4
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Even if you don't edit the picture and the EXIF data is in tact uploading a pic, erasing the memory card and then downloading it to the card again (even with the same name) may not show your picture on the LCD or video out! Go figure!

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I got myself the picture share from RS, it is a card reader and also will display pictures from smart media or compact flash cards on TV.
It will display them as a slide show and has some special effects like wipes.
I have over 350 pictures on one 128mb compact flash card and the slide show is appx. 35 minutes long, I record music from cassette for the sound track.
I put all those photos on the card using it as a card reader.
Funny thing though, if I put the card in my camera, it says no photos, but they are all there and will show on the TV.
Best $49.95 I ever spent in a long time.
RS did have them on sale awhile ago.
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Old Mar 27, 2003, 5:27 PM   #6
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for 300 you can have many choices on a 4mp camera, check steves reviews for a good one. most cams now have a tv out. you always could take the pictures and put them on a cd, make a vcd and you will be able to play it on most dvd players and have a nice slide show
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