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Default Best 5MP Macro.... Sony DSC-F717 vs. Fuji Finepix S7000 Zoom

I'm going to be investing in my first serious digital camera this month for photographing our glass jewelry. Based on price and features I've got it narrowed down the Sony DSC-F717 and the Fuji FinePix S7000 Zoom.

Total budget is roughly $700.

Here's the down and dirty on the specific needs I need the camera to fulfill...

- Automated super macro capability is the number one priority. This camera is specifically being purchased to photograph tiny glass vessel pendants that are 2-4cm in size.

- I'll be shooting with either a light box or cloud dome type set up. I have no need whatsoever for on the fly, landscape, or action shots. The camera will pretty much live in the shop so any features beyond these specific studio needs are just gravy.

- Being that the camera will hardly, if ever, be out of the studio I'm not terribly concerned with memory or battery charge issues. When the stick or card is full I'll dump it to my hard drive, and I'll generally shoot with the camera plugged in for power.

- We won't be printing larger than 8x10. It will be used to produce images for ad slicks, magazines, brochures, table signage, and the web.

- I am a complete amateur with regards to photography, though I am a passionate learner and very comfortable with technology. I'm looking for a camera that can take fabulous point and click super macro shots right out of the box... while building my skill set for manual settings as time goes on.

- I'm on a Mac and will be using Photoshop for retouching.

With all of that said, I'm hoping folks can give me their thoughts on which of the two cameras (Sony F717 vs. the Fuji S7000) would best serve my needs.

Does anyone have experience shooting macro with both the F717 and S7000 in a studio environment. ( hey a guy can dream right? )

Any and all insights will be greatly appreciated.

Warm Regards,
Shifting Sands Studios
Maui, Hawaii
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I use the F717 and I would say it takes excellent macros. Here are some:


Of course, these pictures have been reduced from 2 MB to about 95 kb, so they in no way exhibit the quality that is shown fresh off the camera.
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Not to throw a wrench in the works here, but from what I understand the Nicon Coolpix series is the undisputed king of macro shots so to speak.

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