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Default Best Buy Extended Warranty for $60 worth it??

Do you think it's worth paying $60 for a 4 year extended warranty from Best Buy? The Canon A70 camera cost $350. I usually do not purchase extended warranties but in the past my other digital camera and camcorders have stopped working after 2-3 years. So, I'm wondering if I should purchase the extended warranty.

I'm concerned about taking the camera to high humidity places like Hawaii and Asia. It seems like one of my camcorders and the digital camera started having problems after my Hawaii vacations. Do extended warranties cover these types of problems.

Does anyone have any experience with Best Buy extended warranties. I had some questions about coverage and got different answers when I talked to the sales person vs. the warranty person.

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Companies who offer this type of warranty always try to find a way out of it when you make a claim.

When you buy the warranty they'll say it covers everything, even if you drop it, but when you go back to them with the claim they'll say, "that's not covered because it isn't a manufacturing defect."

If you want to get an extended warranty with anybody, I'd see if the camera's manufacturer offers them...I know Olympus does, so others might as well. I'd trust the manufacturer long before I'd trust a company like Worst Buy!
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My last experience with a Best Buy warranty was bad. I even called the customer service department at corporate HQ and they were no help at all. My experience may be the exception but I do not believe that it is.
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I used to buy the best buy plan for all my electronics. Then one time I actually had to use it and it was the most unpleasant experience I have ever had dealing with a store. After that day I have always tried to avoid the bestbuy warranty as well as the store in general.

A disgruntled bestbuy customer,

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IMHO any extended warenty's value is inversly related to the amount of effort they put into selling it. A hard sell means high profit - which can only come from not having to pay off on the warenty. If they don't have to pay off because the product simply doesn't break, there is no reason to buy it. If they don't pay off because they simply won't pay, you don't want to buy it.
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Thanks for all the replies. You guys have confirmed my suspicions. No Best Buy warranties ever for me!!
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Look around on the net there are actually companies out there like General electric that will sell you an extended warranty for your product.

I think the best luck I've had with warranties are the ones from staples. But then again there I have seen both ends of the spectrum. But when people would buy a replacement plan or PRP is what we called them they woudl buy thier handspring and they would bring it back cracked and just say I was looking at it and and the screeen just started cracking. My store took it like uhuh here is a new one try not to break it this time.

Now if it was a thing like the product was run over by a car we definatly would'nt warranty it. But if its small and with no major physical damage like the screen cracking or similar we would warranty it.

I think alot of it depends on the manager you deal with. Best buy has always had a reputation of not wanting to work with you on your warrany claims or even with your retunrs. Places like circut city and compusa have been far better with warranty stuff than others I've experienced.
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