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I'm liking the zoom lens style cases for my new Canon EOS Rebel XS. What case is the best to get? Is the Canon brand Zoom Pack 1000 the best one to go with my camera? Thanks!

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My advice with cases is go to some stores that stock them. Even if you buy from the internet, it's best to see and handle the ergonomics.

You also need to think about whether or not your kit is going to grow and whether you want to plan for that growth now or accept the fact you'll buy another, larger, case when you need to. For example, if you buy a 2nd and 3rd lens, where are you going to put them?
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Thanks for the feedback. I only browsed a few in person at Best Buy and they didn't have too many actually. I am not currently planning to buy any additional lenses and figure if I do, a new bag will be a small incremental expense compared to the camera. The only items I plan on packing in whatever case I buy are the camera (with the 18-55 lens always attached), the battery charger and and extra battery.
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I use the Canon holster (Zoompack) with my 30D and it fits several lenses — but none of the longer telephoto zooms like the Bigma or 70-200. It is a well built, albeit horrible color (black and olive green) holster and even has a built in waist band (if you are skinny (I'm not).

For my 5d MkII, which I normally keep my 70-200 f2.8 L IS on (and occasionally with a 2x TC mounted, also) I use a Lowepro Toploader (the 75AW if I remember correctly). While somewhat more costly, their Toploaders are simply outstanding. There are a couple of Lowepro certified dealers selling on eBay for fairly reasonable prices, too.

Both the Canon and Lowepro "holsters" allow me to grab and run when I do not want to bring all my other gear, but wish some protection for the camera and lens in the car or on a hike.

I really like the Lowepro setup as you can add accessory bags and lens bags as needed, ultimately making a rather gigantic carry-all. And it is an easy-to-carry all-weather "holster" with room for more memory, some wires, and a battery or two. When money is not too much of an object, you really cannot go wrong with any styleLowepro case IMHO.

However, for to carry my other gadgets and longer lenses I use Canon's own 200EG backpack which is very adequate (and that hidious black and olive color) as well as some Pellican cases for the big stuff or for ruggedized protection in extreme shooting venues.

When my Canon-using students ask for a cost effective starter set, I do strongly suggest the two Canon bags, the Zoompack 1000 and the Deluxe Backpack 200EG.

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