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Never shot a flash pic at a fish tank, but isn't the problem the huge amount of light coming back from the glass and water? Isn't it better to get the flash over the top of the tank on a wire? and also use a faster shutter to kill any mixed light problems from the tank's flourescents?

It's like a piece of perspex - edge light it and you get even illumination, point light at it and it just comes back. Seem to remember it has a something to do with internal refraction and critical angles - but high school was a long time ago!
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I recommend you learn everything about photography you need to with your current camera FIRST! A better/more expensive camera will not make you a better photographer. Professional photographers can take better pictures with a $5 drugstore camera than someone who doesn't know much about photography can with a $30,000 camera.

After you've learned more, you may have outgrown the G2 and may want a dSLR or another digital that's more powerful.
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