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That's a great camera. That's what I bought new in May 2002 for $469.00 from ubid.com
I just sold it in Feb of this year to buy my Nikon 8700.

I LOVED that camera, but wanted more megapixels.
I tried to sell it on Eibay twice with no success. And I was selling it with accessories from filters, three extra batteries, car battery charger, etc.

I finally sent an email out to folks in my company and I sold it in a matter of five minutes after sending the email. With all the accessories, I got $300.00 US for it.

Good Luck.
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Thank you all for your time and input.

I would like to ask JMORO if he notice a big difference between the old 4900 and his Nikon 8700?
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Some suggestions on your camera sale...

1. First, try to sell it locally especially to someone you know.

2. Then, try Ebay.

3. Make sure you insure your shipment for auction sale price. Pack it VERY well. Assume your package will be used as a stepstool, chair, door stop and football enroute to its destination.Therefore, pack accordingly.

4. I suggest a photo of everything you are selling in the package...box, manuals, camera, media, etc.

5. Also, even thought it takes longer, do not use PayPal. You pay your selling fees and as seller you pay a Paypal percentage if you use it. Money orders only.

6. If they want the item asap, they can send their money order 1 day express.

(There is more I could say but send me a private message if interested.)
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Well, let me count the ways:

first of all, image quaility was Great with the 4900Z. But, it is OUTSTANDING with the 8700. I expected, and paid for that.
Second, the user defined menus of the 8700, once you have them setup give you an amazing level of control and offerings. You are allowed to create two custom shooting menus. I have one set up for general outdoor shooting, and my custom 2 is set up for indoor flash shots. I have yet to use any of the modes that are preset on this camera. I like the control the two custom settings provide.
Another advantage of the 8700 is the EXCELLENT macro of 1.2 inches. My Z coudn't do that. However, I find the 8700 hunts alot and at times - I would say 40% of the times won't lock focus. I wind up focusing manually, or keep retrying until I do get a lock. I NEVER experienced that with the 4900Z.
The 8700 has a five-point focusing system, as well as seveeral focusing modes. The Z had different focusing modes, but, it was difficult to get through as you had to go through the menus, etc, whereas the 8700 it's a matter of one or two pushes of a button as one of my custom built menus is for the "exposure/metering option"

CF is the way to go. The Smart Media was kinda flimsy. I lost pictures at the race track as I was trying to watch the action, change cards, and accidentally bent the card. That card happened to be a 128 with lots of 12.4meg tiffs on it. Very disappointed at that event, let me tell ya.

On the other hand, I liked the speed of the 4900z better. It seemed faster.
I also liked the LCD display to view images on the Z better than the 8700; I remember it being a tiny bit larger - yes larger, and brighter.
I also liked the fact that with the Z I was able to shoot on auto mode at the default (and never changed) ISO 200 and capture numerous images and see them in the viewfinder as the camera was recording them The 8700 is a bit different and won't do that. The 8700 has amazing image quality and lack of noise at ISO 50, and 100, but I wouldn't go any higher as noise is ever present. As i Shoot auto road and rally racing, this may prove to be a detriment on the 8700. We'll see. I haven't tested that yet.

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the 8700 to death. But the Z had a few features that I really got used to and still miss. Had I gotten the 8700 first, I would have never known,.

In the 22 months I owned the 4900Z I shot over 15000 images. I was very happy. unfortunately, photo editors and various publisher's design department kept complaining about the fact that the 4900 extrapolated the image to arrive at 4.3MP which is the equivalent of Post shot processing and they don't like that. They also prefer images be shot with 6 megapixel camera or higher. So, I had to upgrade. With the 87 I've had it since March 1 and have taken - as of a few moments ago, over 6900 pics. So far, it's been a pleasure with a couple of exceptions I've noted here.
Overall, I am very, very satisfied with the build and finish of the camera. When I first got it, i had a few questions so I called Nikon and they not only answered the phone!!! But, were extremely helpful too. Can't beat that.

I hope I didn't ramble on too much. And, I hope this helps.

good Luck
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