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I'm looking for a way to take advantage of my HDTV to display digital photos. I can output them directly from the camera or as a JPG on a CD but neither method seems to take advantage of the full potential resolution of the TV. Has anybody seen any kind of device that could connect to the Component HD inputs of the TV and that would accept a SD or Compact Flash card as an input?
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Problem is the HDTV TV is an oddball size, at least when it comes to photography. You'd have to crop your photos specifically for the 16:9 relationship that is the HDTV screen or take 16:9 panoramics (both of which would normally cut off heads) or stretch the photos, and then you'd have to save them to a DVD (but can DVD players show photographs in a 16:9 format, or are they specifically hardwired to show photos in a 4:3 format...we know they can play 16:9 movies, but how they process photo information is different).

Another solution might be to buy a 16:9 DVcam that also has a 16:9 still image format (if there is such a thing)...problem is then it would be lower resolution than traditional still digicams with less photographic features, as well those pictures wouldn't print well due to the oddball 16:9 resolution.
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Mikes right -

You are fighting the 1.77 to 1 ratio of the HDTV as against the ratio of your camera, which is anything (cropping) from 1.25 to1.5-

Burn a CD and see what happens - then come back and educate us !!
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That'swhat the HDTV resolution setting in the Panasonic cameras is for.

Many Sony and other cameras offer 3:2 aspect ratio for croppless 4x6" prints. The standard aspect ratio is 4:3 so that your pictures "fit" on common computer screen formats. Panasonic cameras have a "HDTV" setting for the16:9 aspect ratio of widescreen TVs.
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You're correct, Steve, in that the FZ10 does have a 16:9 setting, however the challenge is to get that to the TV using either 780 or 1080 lines of resolution. The 16:9 shots fill the screen nicely however the horizontal resolution is limited to the composite output from the camera (320 or 600 lines I believe?). I'm hoping that there's some external device out there that could read from the SD card and output the HDTV signal to the component inputs on the TV.
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"For the first time, you can enjoy viewing your favorite digital photos in high-definition on your HDTV. Simply snap in your digital camera's memory card..."


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Old Nov 13, 2004, 10:04 PM   #7
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For still photos, Ihave used a Roku HD1000 media interface connected to a wireless bridge on my wifi network to send digital photos to a 70 inch lcd HDTV. The unit connects to the TV via component cables and can transmit in either 720p or 1080i format. The results are quite spectacular. One can sit with a remote and sort through virtually any and all pictures on a computer. In general, I have pre-prepared a second set of my pictures with Adobe PhotoShop and have cropped them whenever possible to the 16:9 format of HDTV. In addition, the Roku remote control allows one to pan and zoom on all displayed pictures, which is particularly useful for pictures which cannot be easily cropped to 16:9.
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A DVD player with Highmat can read jpegs and display them with no other processing necessary, Only problem is if the phot was taken with the cam at a 90 then its sideways on the screen.
Does the tv have a DVI input? you could put together a low cost pc and hook that up to the tv...
Along with the other suggestions it would seem there are plenty of options
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One way to display on your HDTV is to get a digital camera that has a 16:9 still image format. But of course your pictures may not be of high quality due to the aspect ratio.

Or maybe you can convert the pictures to VCD format first.

Best Regards,
Gary Hendricks
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