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Default Big Trouble Olympus E-20p

well heres the problem. I am a teacher in china and worked my butt off of about 6 months to buy my new Olympus E-20p. Its great, the problem is I am 10,000 miles from home and I can't finf my sereal number for the softwere, thus I can't download. I travel with a portable hard drive in china and download my photos at the local net bars when my 500mb os space are full. So now I am really up the creek. I have 3 wees of vacation left and no memory. If someone could halp me out I would be so greatfull. thanks so much, I will send you a few photos if you would like.
sanford thompson
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I do not have the Olympus, but I assume that you are shooting in some sort of proprietary RAW mode. There may be 3rd party software that would work with the Oly: look up Bibble, BreezeBrowser and YarcPlus. Also go onto the Olympus forum here, as well as the following, and do a search:


Even if you are shooting RAW, you should be able, using a card reader, to download your pix to the computer without necessarily viewing them. That would free up your memory cards.

There are also several devices that are portable and free-standing that you can buy to download the files to until you get home. Image Tank, NixVue, Digital Wallet, etc.

I don't know if any of these possibilities will meet your needs, so, good luck!

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The E-20p has auto connect so that you can download your images using a USB connection on any USB aware operating system. All you need is a USB cable and you can treat your camera as a hard drive. What you might also consider doing is popping into a shop and purchasing a USB dual media reader.

You don't need to use the Camedia Master software to download pictures.

Hope this helps.
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