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This isnt the greatest pic, but it does show a "blotch", which I have circled. Is this dirt on the sensor?, or just the lens.

If its the sensor, how do I clean it, safely. I have a Canon EOS 30d


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Most likely the sensor

The smallest dinkiest spec will create problems on the sensor whereas it takes a larger spec of dust on the lens to achieve the same effect. More importantly the lens dust is easier to spot and remove than sensor dust so most people will blame the sensor.

Need to swap lenses to confirm the problem.

Here are two sources of information regarding sensor cleaning



Justlike Thom mentions on his page, cleaning sensors is done at your own risk. If you mess up your camera, don't blame me.

Ok, now that is out of the way, I willsay that I havecleaned plenty of scientific and hospitalequipment (including melted chocolate out of a Nikon 1000x Microscope)and can tell you this stuff ain't rocket science. It can be done. And can even be done by me.

PS: There may be specific information regarding sensor cleaning at Canon.com, or you may want to post a followup question over on the Canon specfic forum.

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It looks like sensor dust to me, too. Before swabbing a sensor, I'd recommend getting a hand air blower (such as Giotto's Rocket Air). DSLR cameras have a way to hold the mirror up for lens cleaning, do that while holding the camera upside down (so the dust falls out of the camera), then give the sensor a couple of puffs. I do that when needed and haven't had to use any wet method yet.
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Thanks for the info Stevie & MtnGal.

I was afraid it was on the sensor, and am a little apprehensive about trying to clean it myself.
But, Im not one to back down from a challenge.....lol:G

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Be sure to use a fully charged battery before you attempt to clean the sensor. Not good if the mirror comes crashing down on your blower or swaps.

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