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I realizethis belongs in the"tripod" forum, but I re-posted it here because I need advice on this fast...the tripod I'm inquiring about may not be available for long.

Thiscombo was anew, never used, open-box display...and they're asking $100.00 (out the door). It sounded like a good deal. I wont be hiking with it, so weight/size is not a hugeissue.I just want to make sure that it will supportmy 20Dand 70-200 lens. I wont be going to bigger glass for quite some time.

I realize that a fully-fuctional tripod would run me $450+, but we're in the middle of completely remodelingour home...and the extra cash for toys just isn't there. I say "toys" because my tripod needs areas limited as my photography skills at this point...I will mostly use this for stability in low-light situations and self-timed family shots. I can always get a better one later on, but I'd like to at least get one that will allow me to explore macro photography.If I get a year's use out ofthis tripod, it would be worth it to me.

Will this model tripod/head work for my needs?

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Well, 3001N legs go for about $90 now. The 3055 I think has been discontinued for a while. It was a predecessor to the 488 I believe as both support around 17lbs. It's probably not the greatest head but you're basically getting it for $10 so I think you're in decent shape there.

The real problem is the 3001 only supports 11lbs. Now you may say my gear doesn't weigh 11 lbs. But, it means that the whole setup won't be incredibly sturdy in outdoor / windy environment. If all your work is indoors and with only a 70-200 these legs will do well. If you plan on a lot of outdoor use (where wind and uneven ground become factors) I personally would want more stable legs.

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