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Default Bought a Canon A80. What do you think?

Well anyone who has followed my posts over the past week let me say its come to a end, maybe. I went to a coworkers going away party and drank 3 20 ounce beers. I then went to Best Buy to pick out a camera. I wanted to look at the Sony P92 5megapixel, Minolta G500 5 megpix. and Canon A70 4 megpix. I didn't see the Minolta G500 so that was out. I then kept looking at the P92 and A70. I checked on memory prices and compact flash 128megs was discounted $30 so that was the deciding factor, memory price. So I decided on the Canon I told the sales rep to get me the A70 but my eyes kept slipping to the A80.. I then said just get me the A80. So he led me to the front of store to a cash register folks and I gave them my $55 in reward zone coupons. Canon A80 and 128 megs of compact flash came to $407. Im home and its hidden away but Im doubting my purchase.. Should I have gotten the Sony P92?
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You must have wanted the A80 and so why question THE FORCE. You have chosen a quality camera. Now go and take quality pictures by the thousands.
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THE FORCE, huh? As long as it wasn't the three 20 ounces beers. :P

Actually, the A80's 4 Megapixel 1/1.8" CCD will have a much better noise profile than either the A70 or the P92. It's less dense.

Also, Canons are more sensitive than their rated ISO speed anyway, which means that they'll perform better than most in low light, for the same ISO speed, etc.

I just finished looking at some ISO 400 existing light photos from the A80 that were much better than I expected. Not bad at all, and it's ISO 400 is more sensitive than it's competition, if it follows the trend in the other Canon models.

There are pros and cons to any camera choice. I personally think you got a much better camera than the P92 (based on my experience with the similiar P10, and others that I know that own Canons).

You've also got a camera with a neat, tilt out LCD (something the others you were looking at don't have).
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Well the A80 I tried had worse CA purple fringing than the A70 (trees against sky), so I wondered whether the extra 0.8 Mpix and larger ccd was really worth the extra cash, since I saw less edge detail in the highest quality mode.

I liked the tilting display - but only because I could turn the image upside down and use it to protect the lcd! I couldn't read the small histogram which was a plus feature I was looking for, but I liked the quick compact zoom extension and lens cover. Still I suppose that's progress! VOX
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