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Default Boxes of Prints to put on cd - Scanner , Digital Camera?

I am ready to buy a digital camera, as soon as I figure out which one to buy ...But I have boxes of prints from over the years and I want to put them on a cd or dvd and view them on tv. I need to know what is the best and faster way to do this. I have a scanner but it is very old & slow. I saw one for sale, a Visioneer OneTouch 8700 USB Scanner for $25 after rebate. Can anyone give me any advice on this? I want to be able to scan and save without having a lot of tweaking to do to the pic or I will be years scanning all these prints. I also don't want to spend a lot on a scanner because after all these prints are scanned I plan on only using a digital camera and won't have much use for the scanner.
I plan on buying a digital camera and I have digital camcorder.
Any advice on what camera to buy :?: Seems like everytime I make up my mind on one after reading reviews, I then read something negative about the camera and change my mind. I want a 3 megapixel as I want to get decent 8x10 pics. I thought about the Olympus Stylus 300 but then I read somewhere that it doesn't take good indoor pics. Other's I was considering is Sony's Cyber-shot DSC-P72 or Pentax Optio 33L, then I read the pentax screen is hard to see outdoors. The camera I chose needs to be small enough to carry with me, macro setting, take good indoor pics, good in low light, (My daughter has a digital camera, not sure of the brand, every pic taken inside is washed out by the flash. I would prefer to have rechargeable batteries. I need help, thanks, Karenlynn
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If you are just going to display the pictures on a tv and not edit or print them, then the $25 scanner should be fine. As to which digital camera, have you looked at the canon a70? It takes compact flash memory cards, aa's (this is considered by many to be better than getting a camera that only uses proprietary li-ion rechargeable batteries because you can use nimh which are cheaper and in many cases higher capacity rechargables than the li-ion) and has manual controls or can be full point and shoot. Plus it has an af-assist lamp to help focus indoors.
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Go with the scanner to archive the old pics. Use the 300dpi settings on the scanner for archiving.

Read the reviews on the Olympus D560 Newegg has it on for $249 with free shipping. This is the link:


No matter which camera you will buy some will not like the camera. Read Steve's review.
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I bought a cheap USB scanner and cheap slide scanner for same reason. For viewing on the box or monitor cheap's ok. I scan at 200 DPI using a HP Scanjet 2100C - fuss free and quick.

For printing though, 300-400 DPI will be necessary. I see no difference going above 400 DPI.

It's a time consuming, boring, soul destroying, jump off the Empire State Building inducing job . I bought myself a little 5" B+W telly and watch that while I do the scanning - helps take the tedium away.

I've still got shed-loads of prints to do but I've finished the slides.
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Hi KarenLynn...

Kudos to you for taking on a daunting challenge.

Another option instead of scanning yourself would
be to do the following:

First, purchase negative, archival quality negative
plastic sheets for all your negatives.

Then organize them with labels.

Second, go thru all your photos and "cull" the best
or most sentimental ones.

Third, contact a scanning service. They can scan
in bulk and also put results to CD or DVD or can
create slide shows.

Good luck
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