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erincyork Sep 13, 2006 11:20 PM

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Hey i'm new here just signed up tonigh. . . my life is photography, and my love for that has to do with a huge passion and love for my camera! I always told myself that if it were to ever break i would break down! and guess what I DID!.. i have no clue how it hapend or what even happend. I used my camera one night and the next morning i woke up with the inner lcd screen all smashed. I dont understand how that could have happend though , considering it was in its case, in my back pack for only about 3 hours till i woke up and turned it on seeing all screwed up got me so CONFUSED!.. by the way my camera is a Canon Powershot A540 knowing my camera is all messed up right now i have no clue what to do. my friend used to work for the source here in canada and he said that it is the inner screen, and im hoping hes right, but my questions are.. is it fixable?.. what would the price range be?.. will it be over $200?.. or is it even worth it cause the cost will equal up to the $400 i paid for the camera!... by the way. i've only had this camera for 3 months! and i have taken REALLY good care of it! no sraches or nothing on the outerscreen or anywhere to be found for that matter on the camera!.. here is a picture to help you picture what my pain is seeing this EVERYTIME I TURN MY CAMERA ON!!

rey Sep 14, 2006 4:04 AM

Correct me if I'm wrong, but it looks like the LCD is cracked/shattered. Is that right? If so, I doubt warranty will cover it as it's obviously non-manufacturer defect. Can you feel the crack as all? Cause you said it's the "inner" LCD.

Does the camera still take pictures? I know it's hard to see the settings, but I'm wondering if it still take pictures using the view finder.

The only way to know how much it would cost is to send it in for warranty fix. You'll need to go to Canon Canada's website and ask for warranty claim, and then send it in. If the crack is obviously internal, and not outer crack, that would look like it was dropped or banged, you can tell them that that's the case.

My niece has a similar camera, the A520, and she said it may have fallen from her bed as the camera's lens stopped extending when turned ON. She even tried to use a screw driver to try and pry the lens out. Anyways, I sent it to Canon USA and told them the lens no longer extend. Obviously, I didn't mentioned that it may have been dropped or fallen. It was still under warranty. They replaced the whole lens in-warranty and it didn't cost me any money, except for shipping it to them.

Anyways, like I said, if it's obvious that the problem is not external, then Canon may fix it for free. But if it looks like it was dropped or banged, then they may choose NOT to fix it. Either way, I would send it in anyways, without admitting you broke it. Also, when I sent-in my niece's camera, Canon gave me an offer of buying a refurb camera for US$99. Maybe the very least, you can get the same deal from them.

Good Luck!

Reanimator Sep 14, 2006 7:43 AM

if warranty wont cover it then id say there isnt a lot to be done, i had a outer screen crack and could never find a replacement.

the pic looks like its had alot of pressure on center of screen, droped cameras normaly crack the screen to the side, where it impacts.

looked on u can get the same camera for $225 brand new(not refurb) on buy it now.may be the only way to go as id guess a factory repair could be more or as they say "uneconomical"...............i know this aint related but epson once (their service center) wanted £150 to mend an out of warranty £60 printer !!!

sorry for lack of some cheap help but i dont think there is any :-(


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