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Default Broken LCD screen on Sony A300X

I'm posting this here because I'm not sure where to post this.


I have a Sony A300 and I noticed this weekend that the LCD screen is broken. I don't see any crack externally but when the camera is turned on, I see a vertical crack. I also see some visible text near the bottom-right corner. I'm not sure how that happened. Its possible that it might have happened because of moving around in my car's boot or because of the heat?

I hope that gives a background of the problem. What I want to know is if there is a cheap, reliable way to fix it? I see the following options:

1) Order the LCD from eBay: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...m=290450053834 and fix it myself: http://repairials.com/sony-alpha-a20...n-replacement/

2) Order the LCD screen from eBay and take it to some local store. I live around the Boston area, so let me know if you know of any such places.

3) Search for some local repair stores and ask them to get the LCD screen themselves and fix it.

4) Send the camera to some cheap online store for repair: http://www.darntoothysam.com/product...r-Service.html
I'm concerned about the genuineness of such sites. Do you know of well known repair sites?

5) Send the camera to Sony for repair: https://eservice.sony.com/webrma/web/displaycost.do

They seem to charge a flat rate of $228. Don't know if I need to pay separately for the parts. This looks like the most expensive option.

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I vote for "5) Send the camera to Sony for repair" as they know their product best and will use genuine parts.
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While I'm inclined to agree with Bob and go for option 5, I can see that
$228 is a very large chunk of the value of an A300 body. They are
selling on eBay for not much over $300.

If you have a steady hand and a keen eye, I would definitely consider
option 1. It seems like a fairly easy repair. Have you seen this:
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Yeah, $228 (in fact, it could end up costing even more) is too expensive for an SLR body that does not cost a lot. Of course, if the problem was with the optics or something internal, I would not mind sending it to Sony. LCD repair is very external and I want to get this done without spending a lot. I'll ask around local stores and check if they can do this for cheap. If not, I can try doing it on my own. Hopefully, I won't mess it up.
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The do-it-yourself approach is a no-brainer. I have an A300 and would not hesitate to try this myself. At worst, a local camera repair shop should do this repair fairly cheap. Worth asking...
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