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Default Buying 1st digicam

Hello All,

I need to buy a digicam but like many other newbies am bewildered by the choices. I'm going to be using it primarily for school as I am a student. Here's what I need to be able to do. First it needs to be small, since I'm going to be carrying it around campus all day and will reside in a bookbag or in my coatpocket. I need to be able to take closeup pictures of documents and papers and be able to get the whole sheet on one shot, typically 8.5x11 size papers or open books/solutions manuals. The quality of the photos has to be good enough so I can come home, d/l the pictures into a paint program or some image editing software and print the photographed documents and be able to read them well enough. It needs a flash since some shots are taken in low lighting. I also need to as unobtrusively as possible take pictures of my instructors transparencies and chalkboard writings (reiterating the need for compactness). As you can see I'm basically going to be using it as an "on the fly" information gathering device to save me time from writing things down and walking all over campus making photocopies. Lastly it needs to be easy to use, I know almost nothing about photography. I don't want to spend a huge amount of money, no more than $300, less if I can get away with it. I appreciate any suggestions you all can offer, features to look for, make and model numbers. Regards,

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Well, I bought a Fuji A303 for christmas present, and of course, until Christmas comes, I am gonna be "testing it!"

It is an awesome small camera, and cheap for the quality it offers.

Read Steve's review and see samle pictures.... out of the box, everything auto, it takes amazing pictures. I got it for $245 w/ shipping from www.harmonycomputers.com

I would seriously consider it if I was on a budget since I am on the market for a camera. But since now I have the money, I am going with a "semi-pro" choice.
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This doesn't sound like a very practical scheme. You can take the pictures of books, but the results probably won't be as easy to read as simple xerox copies, and they won't be as portable unless you have laptop. You won't be able to get shots of projected transparencies because there won't be enough light, and the flash will not be an option. Chalkboards will also be a challenge without flash in some classrooms. Still, you might want to try it by borrowing someone's camera to see what results you can get. Some cameras (not sure about your price range) have special settings useful for photographing text (e.g. "whiteboard").
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