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JohnReid Jun 14, 2005 2:34 AM

Hi everyone, my girfriend is going to Dubai soon and I want to get Canon 350D and two lenses through her(Its about half the price). The only problem is she knows nothing about camera equipment, so my question is, do any of you know where the best place to shop in Dubai is, and do you have any advice.

Thanks for the help.

atlantagreg Jun 14, 2005 11:04 AM

I will tell you this: I was reading a somewhat more recent of one of the digital camera magazines from the UK, and a reader had sent in a letter saying they bought several cameras from Dubai, and all of them died shortly after getting them. Somewhere in some forum a year or two ago I also remember seeing a post where someone had cameras bought from that area die a quick death, too.

I think the general opinion in that magazine and those posts were that in some areas like Dubai, the handling by carriers and/or shop employees and stock clerks may be much rougher than in some other industrial areas, and not much care is given to the handling of the packages, resulting in a higher number of handling damages.

That's all I remember from those letters and posts, but I would say that sometimes saving a little money isn't nearly worth the hassle you may get as a result from buying in a place like that.

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