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I've purchased from http://beachcamera.com/shop/home.asp;
http://www2.buydig.com/shop/home.aspx ( if I'm not mistaken they are the same company) and http://www.bhphotovideo.com/bnh/controller/home and have good luck in all but did alot of checking first.

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I am a big fan of online buying and I have bought most of my camera gear online and never had a problem except that the last camera I bought online wasn't right for me. Had I done a hands on demo at a camera store I would have discovered this. As it is the money I saved online was no savings at all in this case because I didn't like the camera, and the meager 7 day return policy of the online vendor had expired so I was stuck with it. My latest purchase (Sony f828) I bought at a local camera store. Since this camera is so new and cost so much I wanted to be sure it was what I wanted, so I went and did a hands on demo. Also since it is so new there was no online price advantage other than the sales tax savings. The $80.00 tax was grudgingly acceptable because I wanted to actually see. feel. and demo the camera. In this case I don't regret buying locally.
Now here is another matter. I don't advocate anyone demo a camera locally and then buy online. I feel that is unethical because most people going into a camera store know the camera is probably going to cost more than online and it's not fair to the store to spend time with the customer explaining the various features,etc of the various cameras that you might be interested in and then have you walk out the door and buy online from a vendor that has invested no time in you just to same some money. Have I done this in the past, yes I have, but I like to think I have "matured" a bit through the years and I also have discovered that sometimes "service" is more important than dollar savings.
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I also bought from buydig.com and had no problem with them . I saved over 200 bucks on my camcorder, plus no tax or shipping !
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I have purchased both on line and local stores. I recently purchased an Olympus C5060 and wanted some advice prior. After receiving the advice at a retail store, I presented them with the opportunity to get closer to the internet price than the retail they originally quoted. To my surprise, and after some whining, they got within $35 of the internet price. Of course I had to pay tax, but don't mind paying for the advice and personally playing with the camera. On line purchases from outfits on Pricegrabber.com with good user ratings have worked out well too.
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