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Default Buying S230 tonight, but when will S400 price drop?

Hi guys. The S230 is going on sale tonight for $345, and i plan on buying it.

However, the S400 seems like a much better camera, and I would rather have it. It has higher resolution, and far better red-eye performance. There is no way I'm going to spend $500 on a camera though. I would consider dropping $400 or so.

This'll be my first digital. Right now I have a fully manual Minolta SLR and a cheap Canon Snappy point and shoot. I mainly want digital because I want something more smaller, and I'd like to see instant results so I can just snap away until i get the composition and exposure just the way I want it. I am, however, leary about image quality. I was initially interested in the S230 because it was small and 3Mp. 3Mp is a pretty borderline minimum for me though. I'm still sort of torn though. I can take a lot of 35mm pictures for $400!

Will a 3Mp 5x7 really look as good as film? I sort of doubt it, so I'd pay an extra $50-$70 for 4Mp.

So, any ideas on the time and amount of the S400 price drop, or should I jump on this S230 bargin? Would anybody emphatically recomend AGAINST getting the S230?

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Whatever camera you buy, whenever you buy it - there will be a big price drop the next week. Same as PCs :-)

Keep in mind that the increase in resolution goes up as the square root of the ratio of Mpixels, e.g., going from 3Mpixels to 4 increases the resolution by 15%. Other factors, such as lens quality, constantcy of f/stop and shutter speed, noise level, ... can have at least as much effect on image quality.
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hey Bill. Just wondering, which site can I check to the latest price drop on dig cams? thanks alot. I am shopping for a dig cam atm too. According to you, looks like i will need to wait for another week to purchase one.
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