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Hey y'all....

We needed a new digicam and a new camcorder.

I looked at hybrid camcorders (Sony DSC-M1 and M2) but was told by the Canon folks that my new my newly ordered Powershot SD 500 can easily handle lots of video time. I know a lot depends on memory, so ordering a gig card or so is not a problem.

We use video for max 5 minutes at a time, except for my 8 yr old recitals (then about 10-15 minutes or so)


Thanks so much!!
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Old Jan 9, 2006, 8:07 AM   #2
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My opinion is that you will do better with two separate cameras. Digital cameras that do video do an inferior job when compared to a good DV camcorder.

Likewise, a camcorder that does stills, does an inferior job compared to digital still cameras.

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I own a camcorder and a camera. My experience is that they are different and do different things. If you want video and still photos at the same time, you will have to purchase different gardgets.

Kind regards.

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Old Jan 13, 2006, 10:16 AM   #4
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This may sound silly, but why don't they build video shooting capabilities in the DSLRs?

Second, I'd like to say that most cameras out there shoot acceptable mmovies. The main things that they lack when compared to camcorders are this: less optical zoom (unless you're willing to spend some extra cash on a new tele lens), slower focusing and poorer quality as light decreases in intensity.
But, speaking for myself, I am quite content with my FZ30's filming capabilities and like the feeling of having it all within one gadget.
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Well, the Sd series of cameras take very nice quality video if the light is good. I would say it rivals my MiniDV camera, a JVC d270 which is about a 400 dollar videocam. but the time is pretty limited. They get about 7.5 minutes per GB of memory. The biggest SD card you can really get right now is 2 gb, so that limits you to 14-15 minutes of video. You also have no zoom while you shoot with the SD series.

The sony M2 would give you much more video time with its Mpeg4 codec, at least an hour with a 2 gb, probably more. And I beleive you have the zoom as well. The pics probably wont be as good as the canon, which are great IMHO, but not something you would notice unless you are trained to look for things like noise profiles and chromatic abberations and the like.

SO, if you want the best pics in a pocketable cam with some video every now and again, I would go canon. If you want alot of video ( up to 50/50 mixed in with your stills) in a pocket cam, go with the M2 (will be more expensive than any of the SD's right now)

If your taking more video than that, get a DV camera with its 30x zoom, better low light, etc.

I love my SD, take lots of video with it (I film my snowboard runs by ataching it to my boot in video mode, they look pretty sweet and has taken alot of water, cold and hits with no ill effect) In low light though, the video is pretty grainy. and no zoom.
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