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Default Camera for 10 year old

To all,

My daughter loves to take pictures and it's time to get her own camera.

I had my eye on an Olympus D-230 $139.00 refurbished. Just about the right price for my budget.

Things I like about the camera for her:

point and shoot
size is small, could fit in her pocket or small purse
lens cover slides over and turns camera on
smart media....(I have that now on my Fujifilm 2800 zoom)
uses AA batteries.....(she can use my re-chargables)

Talking to her about the camera the ONE downside is that the movie function can't do sound. She seems to be a miniture Spielburg and movies is one thing she does with my camera.

Finally to the question: do you know of similar sized/priced cameras that will do sound?
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If she truely loves to make movies, why not just scan the local paper for an older VHS-C or 8mm video camera? You can find them lots of times for under $150 and then she can make some long movies with sounds and if you were to spring for a video capture card and some editing software ( bout 99 bucks at Circuit City for both) she could learn to edit the movies on the comptuer. Ya never know you may have an Oscar winner there in about 25 years.

As for the camera, I got one for my 3yr old and 13yr old to share, it was a Oly D-100, basic, simple, no zoom so less moving parts to break if it was to get jarred or dropped. Seems to take ok pictures and they both like it. In a couple years I will get them something more advanced as they will be bored with it I am sure.
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