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Default which camera to buy??

hi there
i am looking to purchase a new camera and before making a final decision would like some advice. The cameras that i am thinking of are FUJI 5000, MINOLTA Z1 and NIKON 4300, though also been looking at used nikon 990, 995.

mainly take landscapes and pictures of my daughter,
any feedback would be very welcome
thanks .

currently have a minolta xi, okay for my holiday snaps but lacks any manuel controll.
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Of the camera's you mention, I only have experience with the 4300. I had the 4300 for 1 year. For the intended purpose you mention, I think the 4300 will do great. Exposure, focus, white balance, etc are always very good. It is a quality camera. Although I liked mine, I just recently sold it . Here is a bit more insight into the camera and why I sold it.


1. Excellent picture quality
2. Plenty of manual control or completely auto if you wish
3. Compact size


1. Startup time between 3 to 5 seconds - not sure and prob avg. but I didn't like it
2. Weak flash - typical of digicams though
3. Shutter lag - although once again it is acceptable and prob avg. I didn't like it either.
4. Kind of a jittering type noise when camera is in continous auto focus. Not very loud at all, but once again .... didn't like. You can turn auto focus off though and I recommend it in most instances to save battery life.
5. short battery life - you'll definitely want a spare and then the camera is fine. You can also increase the battery life by using the lcd sparingly, not using the flash much, and not using continuous auto focus except in instances where is is needed to reduce shutter lag time.
6. No neck strap ... just a strap to go around your wrist
7. Eye viewfinder only shows about 80% of image to be captured. No big deal if you use the LCD which is 100% view, but I prefer looking through a viewfinder as that is what I'm used to.

I know I have more cons than pros, but it really is a great camera. Cnet and other web sites have put it is their top ten list of camera's to buy and Steve (admin of this site) has given it a great review. Looking back at my pictures, I'm satisfied with most. Only time I've really hated my camera is when I was at indoor night events because the flash isn't that wonderful (like many digi's) and if you let it get into iso 400, it'll produce very noisy picture just like most digicams. Prior to going digital I was used to an SLR and once you 're used to an SLR (if you really enjoy photography as I do), it is hard to use anything else, so I'm probably a good bit pickier about my camera then most people. This is why I'm upgrading to a DSLR.
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Of the main three you listed, I wouldn't choose the Nikon. The only thing it has going for it is the extra .8 mp. It has the least amount of manual controls and you have to go through a bunch of menus to do anything. The other two have 10x instead of 3x optical zoom, full manual control which it sounds like you're interested in, and run off of AA batteries. The Fuji has the added benefit of shooting in RAW mode. The Minolta has a shoe for external flash which is nice. Pick one of those two.
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well got my new camera, nikon coolpix 5000. a local shop had a one day sell and was selling it for about only 20 quid more then the fuji and minolta which i had short listed.
, hope to get out and start using it soon

thaks for the replies
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