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I am in the military and am deploying to the Middle East in a few months. I am looking for a compact, high quality, high resolution, highly durable camera. I would like to be able to take this with me wherever I go and not worry about being ultra protective due to sand and heat, etc. I have had a Canon G2 and was pleased with that but gave it up due to size. Right now I have a Canon S400 and I like that a lot but I would like to leave that with my wife since she knows that camera pretty well. I am thinking of either buying another S400 or S500 or maybe going with a Sony P100. Are there any out there that I need to consider? Nikon, Casio??? What do you think?

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Giventhe sand/dust, you may want to consider a weather resistant model like the Pentax Optio 43WR, or the Olympus Stylus 400.



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Thanks. I'll start researching the Olympus tomorrow. I am wondering whether the all weather designation on this camera really protects it from the elements better than one that seals itself like the Canon S400.

Thanks again!!!
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I'm by no means an expert but I have been looking into this subject for about 1 year now and I keep comingback to the same answer. This may/may not be an answer for you but hopefully it will be of some help.

I'm a point and shoot type person. If you tell me a f-stop vs. a g-stop I couldn't tell you. <G> So, saying that..

I'm looking for a durable (yeah right) digital camera that I can take rafting, kayaking, backpacking ect. I currently own a Minolta Weathermatic APS camera and have done all of the above for the last two years. The trouble that I have is the $300.00 + film developing after each trip. It gets pricey after a couple of trips. This is the reason why I wanted to go digital.

I have e-mailed the people on this board a while ago and they basically said the same thing. The choices were to either get a "weather resistant" camera or a camera and buy an underwater housing for it. The question that I asked and really didn't get an answer for it was if you only use a camera above water, how distorted would the picture be with the u/w housing. I'm not interested in diving/snorkelling at all. I just wanted to protect it from the elements. I never did get a clear answer. I have gone to the underwater boards and researched but the same thing.

The Optio 43W was just released and I would recommend you into looking into this. I believe it will be a better protected camera than the Oly Stylus. Now.

After looking into this for about a year now, the camera that I have decided to get is the Ricoh Caplio 300G. This camera is not sold in the U.S. With the features on this camera, and the few reviews that I have read, this camera seems to be the one. Ricoh has come out with the 400G but I can't find it at an actual store, except in Japan. I have also talked to a couple of owners of this camera and they said for my intended purpose, this would be a good camera. The negatives on this cameraare many. The price, not being able to touch it until after you by it, and the lack of customer service to name a few but the pro's outweigh the cons in this case for me. It may not foryou.

Good luck.


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Old Jun 24, 2004, 12:04 PM   #5
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I "ditto" the Pentax suggestion made earlier by JimC.


I know someone who owns the previous model (3MP). He's dropped it in water, had one of the kids bury it in a sandbox, and left it outside in a very bad thunderstorm, and it works just fine. Image quality is "good"... not the very very best I've seen if you were to line up all the 3MP cameras around, but not bad by any means.

I think the newer version is the best route for you considering the conditions you're going into.

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Hondo 10, have you ever considered buying a regular digital camera, and then buying a submersible casing for it?

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I concur with JimC on the Olympus C400. A small, lightweight and durable camera.
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