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Default Camera orientation in the camera bag.

Does it matter if we store a dslr with the lens attached on its side or on its back (lens pointing upwards) rather then on its "tripod side" in a camera bag?

A T1i with the kit lens -- 18-55.

Thank You !
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I would be careful not to store it in a manner where the back LCD could possibly be damaged. That camera's back LCD is fixed and cannot be swung inside to be protected when stored, so I would not put it in a bag with the lens pointing up, meaning the LCD is on the bottom.
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Good point Greg ! Thank You !
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I store my XSi with the 18-55 IS lens with the "lens down" in my Crumpler Pretty Boy XXXL bag. So I can grab the cam easier as when it is stored with the LCD on the bottom side of the bag
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I carry my cameras lens down, too. Old habit. I've got compartment dividers setup so that the front of the camera body rests on top of two cushioned dividers with any lens it's wearing stored in between them. From my perspective, that should help any dust to settle towards the lens versus towards the mirror box (reducing the potential for it to by to the camera's imaging sensor).
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Put a lcd protector film on the screen. If you are worried about damaging the screen with scratches. With the up or down position. It depends on the bag. Some are set up where the lens is pointed down for quicker access to the camera. But if it is in a good camera bag, damage to the screen is not likely as the are well padded.
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As long as you have a quality bag, I'm not sure that it matters how the camera is stored, as long as it fits snugly. I think you're well protected either way unless your bag gets run over by a car or stepped on by a horse, in which case it won't matter which way your camera is stored. I've got several bags..most of them work with the camera sitting on it's base. I do have a couple of small shoulder bags that only hold the camera with a lens attached..one fits with the lens facing down, the other with the lens facing up. In my larger bags, I do make sure I store my lenses standing up, with the lens facing up...i figure there is more padding on the topside (with all the zippered compartments), and the rear element is very well protected with the rear cap on.
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Just to add to the options. In my backpack case, I have the camera stored on its side with some foam padding beneath the lens to fill the space between the bottom of the case and the lens itself. When I pull the camera out I am able to grasp it by the right side which is designed to be held while shooting. It gives me a secure handhold when removing or replacing the camera. With the additional foam support the camera is held securely while in the case.

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