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I was not entirely sure where to put this.. I'm new here.

I have a Sony Cybershot. The DSC-P32. Its been a great camera..a little disappointed when it came to the zoom but its been my baby. I've had no problems until recently. Took it out of its case last week and go to use it only to turn it on and have my hand get zapped. I figured it was static electricity. It was small and short. Shut it off anyway and put it back in its storage case and all of that.

Took it out today and go to play with the video function of it. I'm holding it and talking when suddenly I can feel a slight burning zappy feeling..its quite constant. Its coming from the camera. I shut it off quickly and sit it down (I almost dropped it..it hurt!) This was not static electricity.

I've had the camera for 6 months now. I love it. I know I have the correct batteries. NI-MH size AA. I'm just wondering if anyone has had similar problems or would know what it could be. I took the batteries out..am planning on replacing them to see if that was the issue.
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Definitely more than a battery problem. Send it in for repair and do NOT leave the batteries in it. NiMH batteries are extremely high current devices and could easily start a fire if shorted. BTW - Never carry NiMH batteries loose in your pocket or camera bag, keep them in some sort of holder or tube to prevent anything from shorting the contacts.
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