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Thanks to everyone for being so helpful, as this board is terrific, but I'm more lost now than when I first started researching the purchase of a new camera. Damn this internet......Without the internet, I'd have ridden down to the store on my bicycle, made a choice, and ridden back home with a camera! :-)

I don't know if anyone can get me out of this tangle, and headed in the right direction, but any help would be appreciated. As you might imagine, I'm more anal about my purchases then most folks.......

Here's my dilemma........I want to purchase a camera (no larger than something like the Canon S45, but would prefer something like the S400 or Nikon 3700)that has a good lens, good CCD, and good overall performance, both indoors and outdoors, in good light and low light. I don't need a ton of manual features, so I'm gearing more towards the "point-and-shoot"versions. The problem is, every time I seem to have narrowed my choices, I'm thrown off base. Here's where I've been:

Nikon Coolpix 3700 - I like everything about this camera, including the $100 rebate,but the lack of a manual ISO setting bothers me, as I read of image noise everywhere I look.

Canon S320/400/410 - Again, I like what I see, but I've read quite a bit about questionable picture quality (softness, fuzzy edges, etc.) and some other issues.

Canon A75/80 - Seems like it's a "too good to be true" kind of product. Again, purple fringing, softness, and other odd picture characterics seem common. I also don't need this level of manual control.

Canon S45 - More camara than I need, but the price has come down near $300, which is why I'm considering it. Here, I've read of the same image issues as with the S400, plus bad pixels, flimsy controls, too small a lens,etc.

Konkia 400Z - A friend has this, and seems to like it, but no AF Illuminator, and the reviews are not sparkling, nor is the low light performance.

Any advice on which direction to take here? I think if theNikon 3700 had a manual ISO adjustment, I'd likely go in that direction. Isn't there a good point-and-shoot camera that has the basic, yet critical manual functions, good "glass," a good CCD and good all-around performance?

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Maybe give the Nikon cp 4200 or cp 5200 should be out this week, look like nice cams
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I dont know about the other cameras but we just recentlyhelped my father buy a Canon A80. He mainly uses it as a point and shoot and so far he loves it.I process all his photos for him and many have needed no editing at all. Ive yet to see any purple fringing. I think he made a good choice.
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