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Default A Camera to take pictures of Handwriting

I am involved in taking pictures of handwriting/signatures for analysis purposes and have always done so with regular camera's and add-on lenses/filters. I would like to start doing so with a digital camera, does anyone know if the technology is here now, and affordable to do this? or should I wait for prices to go down and technology to be more readily available?

Thank you.
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Get a digicam with a very good macro! Personally I would choose Nikon 4500, which can zoom as close as 2cm, it takes pinsharp photos in 4megapixels.

I've once taken a pic of a reciept and I actually could see the fibers in the paper!!!

There's also a large amount of assescories for it!
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The Olympus C4000 has a super macro mode that can take pics at 2cm.
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Maybe a scanner will do a better job for you. Scanners are inexpensive these days and do some things much better than cameras.
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Unless your handwriting samples are smaller than a few inches, just about any digicam that says it has macro facilities will focus close enough to work. Unless you have a need to be able to see the fibres in the paper.

If you are interested in trying it with a digicam, I'd suggest shooting a couple of rolls of film of your samples and having them cut onto a CD. At fairly low resolution (~2Mpixels), that is fairly cheap when done at the same time as processing. After you look at those, you will have a much better idea of what you need.
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