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Default Camera's buffer size

I was just wondering what is the average digital cameras buffer (RAM) size ,and is there some cameras that are better than others when it comes to this spec? Thanks, this forum is a great learning tool.
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The camera manufactureres don't normally say. Instead of asking how larger the buffer is in RAM, what matters more is how many pictures it can store before it can't store any more.

Some have deeper buffers to make up for slower writing to the flash memory. Some have larger buffers because one of the selling points of the camera is speed.

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As MP increases internal ram will also increase due to the larger picture sizes and the ability needed to store the highest resolution uncompressed picture in it.
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As said above, it's not something that's regularly specified by manufacturers. As such it's not really something that is considered when people buy cameras. All the related features (time between shots, burst modes etc.) can be found out which is enough for most people.

The only camera I can think of which has its internal memory stated is the Olympus E-1 which was 128MB of it. You can bet that this is way more than most consumer cams though.
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Default Size does matter

I had a Dimage 7i. The small buffer left me waiting for 30sec to almost a minute for large resolution images to process (RAW,TIFF) between each shot. Upgraded to a 7HI which has a large buffer and at any resolution you can capture quite a few frames without waiting on the buffer to clear. As said previously, if the frame to frame speed is good and very little lag time between shots at the highest resolution, the buffer is high.
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Default Buffer sizes

An average DC has 16MB, enough for 3 HiRes pix.
The "better" Prosumer DC's have 32MB ie some Fuji, Canon, Olympus.
There are a couple with 64MB, I think Minolta was one.
Above that is rare, usually DSLR's. And in one case I know, one of the big Canons, they have a plug-in secondary buffer slot. Something which SHOULD be on ALL prosumers.
There's a real life pic at http://www.pbase.com/image/17103227
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