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I am looking for cameras that are 5 mp or above and that have some type of stabilization system. So far I have found the Panasonic Z20, the Canon PowerShot S2 IS and the Minolta Dimage. I think this would be a nice feature to have – especially if using the lens zoomed out often. Do you agree that it is a very helpful feature or do you think it is more of the line an unnecessary gimmick? Thank you very much.
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If it works properly, I think it could be a very useful feature.

As for what cameras have it. Well, there are many today and they keep coming out with new ones. I suggest you use the Camera Reviews section, and start looking at the 5MP and up section. You could also try a search and see what pops up.

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As you can see at


it really useful.

As you can see at


and at


The cameras that have IS incluse the Panasonic FZ3, FZ4, FZ5, FZ10, FZ20, FZ30, LZ1, LZ2, FX7, FX8, and FX9, the Minolta Z3, Z5, Z6, and X1, the Canon S1-IS and S2-IS, and the Sony DSC-H1 and the upcoming DSC-T9.

Many really fancy cameras incluse IS, like the Canon Pro1, Nikon 8800, and Minolta A1 and A2 and A200.

Whew! Did I miss any? :G
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Here you can search cameras basing to features you want

This should say something about usefulness of image stabilization.

High ISO settings are used to achieve higher shutter speeds either to freeze action or prevent camera shake in hand-help photography. The Konica-Minolta A2 has an Anti-Shake system which reduces camera shake. It turns out that the anti-shake system works exceptionally well. So well that in cases where ISO 1600 does not allow a sufficiently fast shutter speed for hand-held photography with the 20D, the A2 managed to produce quite sharp and noise-free pictures using only ISO 200.

Also before going further you should list other features you want, and what kind photography you do, general photography, landscapes, architecture, wild animals... how important is macro and such.
(most ultra-zooms just don't have good wideangle)
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