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I'd like to know if a cameras size/shape influences the amount of redeye in portrait shots. I really hate redeye and most of the shots I take will be of my baby daughter (whose blue eyes are extremely susceptible to redeye). Am I better off buying a compact camera like the Sony W1 or will an ultrazoom like the Minolta z3 produce less redeye? Are compact cameras more susceptible to redeye than midsized cameras?
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"Which cameras produce the least redeye?"

Cameras with no flash...:-):blah:
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The proximity of the flash to the camera's lens is what cause the "redeye"... The farther the flash head is away, after it pops up, the better it is -> Cameras with external flash option are the best!
This will also allow one to bounce the flash head or for attachments which can diffuse the light for less harshness as well

It looks to me like the Z3 is your best bet since there's no hot-shoe on the W1 to mount any external flash: http://www.steves-digicams.com/2004_reviews/z3_pg2.html
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Another thing to keep in mind though is that you can always edit out the red eye in your pictures if you're so inclined. Most basic editing software includes this functionality and works pretty well.
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i agree about the no flash comment, lol, and more seriously, the comment about the farther the flash is from the lens, the better...

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Or bounce flash (external flash using the ceiling (or wall) to bounce the light from the flash onto the subject).

Another way to avoid redeye is make sure your subjects are sober.
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