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Default can anyone help me find the right camera?

Can anyone help? i use to have an olympus c730. i really did not have any trouble with it. just blurry photos once in a while. i recently switched to a sony 5 mp p92 and i hate it. all my photos come out blurry unless i am close to the subject and it is perfectly still. the camera also takes to long to capture. my question to anyone is i am looking for a camera that will take great photos that are not blurry even from a distance and even if the subject is moving and i also want a camera that has a fast capture time so i don't have to have people hold there pose for 5 seconds. is there a camera out there for me. i don't care about any other features being i use the camera only at weddings and special occasions. i just want a camera that is easy and fool proof for my wife and i. any help would be greatly apprieciated. thanks marc
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I would go for a compact point and shoot, however by the sounds of it you are trying to use your digital camera like a standard camera. Are you holding the button down and allowing the camera to focus before taking the photo? Or maybe you are just pushing the button down too quick. I know of a few people caught out this way.
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Default Re: can anyone help me find the right camera?

Originally Posted by TWODOG
... blurry photos ...
First figure out why the photos with your current camera are blurry. Is it shake (any nondeliberate camera movement while the shutter is open)? Is it noise? Is it poor focus?

Take a look at the EXIF data for the blurry pictures. If there is a long shutter time [~1/935mm equiv focal length]], likely it is shake. Is the long shutter speed due to low light and/or a small aperature (high f/number)?

Noise is hard to describe, but if you look at some of the threads here you will find examples.

If you are lucky, the EXIF data will include the focus distance. Look at some blurry pictures where you have a good idea of the subject distance and see if that matches the EXIF data. Also look to see if anything is in focus. If the blurriness is due to either shake or noise it will be everywhere about the same. If it is due to poor focus, some parts of the photo are likely to be in focus - just not the parts you are most interested in.
Once you have that figured out, you will have a much better idea of what changes in the camera and/or technique are needed to improve your pictures.
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