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I was using my Minolta Maxxum 7D and Minolta 7000i this weekend.

After being printed/develpoed at the local Ritz camera store, the 35mm roll came out horrible. The pictures had a yellowish tint, and the colors were very over-saturated.

The digital prints from the 7D came out perfect.

I decided to scan the negatives when I got home, and when viewed on my computer, they looked fine. Is there something Ritz did in the developing stage?

Any help, appreciated. I will take them back if anyone here with experience tells me it was the developing.

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If the negatives looked fine, than why shouldn't the prints?

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I agree that if the scanned negatives looked ok, then there was something wrong in the printing process. It could be weak or expired chemicals, incorrect setting on machine, or, most likely, THE OPERATOR of the machine. If you used one hour processing, that was your first mistake. If you walked through the door of any Ritz, Kits, Wolfe, or Camera World store, that also was a big mistake. The Ritz chain is kind of like the "7-11" of camera retailers. Their people are inexperienced and frequently don't know what they are doing or saying.

I would avoid any kind of one-hour processing. Generally, the equipment is being run by inexperienced kids who don't care what happens to your film. Walmart is probably the worst. They handle the negatives with their bare hands. They don't cut the negative strips properly. They scratch the film.

The commercial labs used by many retail stores are only slightly better. Labs like Qualex or Kodak premium processing are not immune to ruining your negatives.

The best thing you can do is go to a professional camera shop and have your film processed and printed there.

As for your present situation, I recommend you take your negatives to a pro shop and have them reprinted. Alternatively, you could print from your scans and probably get just as good results.

Cal Rasmussen
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Perhaps their machine has not been calibrated in a while? Usually labs will calibrate thir printers everyday using a standard patch of colors that usually comes with the equipment exactly for that purpose, to maintain consistency in the prints. Take the prints back and demand free reprints. The developing may have been fine, just the printing. But I once my lab ruined one roll of b&w film because they did not agitate the container so the developer would, well, develop the entire roll. They develop the b&w manually, so that can be both a plus and a minus. Because of that, only the bottm half of the roll was developed, the top half was just blank :evil: I yelled at them because that was from my client's shoot. I was lucky that I had backed up every shot with my digital, so I had those misdeveloped shots, only using a different lens and angle. The lab agreed to reinburse me half the price of what I charge for engagement shoots. It was a single roll mistake, I had shot three rolls and many more in digital. Thank heaven for digital! :G
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Old May 9, 2005, 12:34 PM   #5
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You're right. 1 hour processing and Ritz were my mistakes. I guess I was in a hurry.

The reason I'm using Ritz is because(with my digital pics) they come out great. I have tried several online phto labs and 2 professional camera places, and Ritz seemed to have the best color and brightness. The Ritz stores are the 7-11 of camera stores. And the Ritz I used was not the usual one I go to. This one had young "kids" working there. I should have stuck with the one I was happy with. It has more experienced people and is a much more professional looking store.

DBB: That was my question. Thanks for the input.

Marokero: Thanks for sharing your experience. I agree with you and Calr. Definitley sounds like a processing job.

I will call the Ritz and see what they say, but I want a refund. I would like to send the negatives into a professional store.

I'll update with what happens.
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