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Old Apr 10, 2006, 5:06 AM   #11
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Looking closely at the background, I see that vertical components are blurred more than horizontal ones, though it is slight. Also, the grass in the foreground appears about as blurry as the rest of the picture. This indicates panning. So, I would say, that, yes this shot not only could be, but is real, and was taken by a photographer in reviewing stand or tower, looking down at the plane going by.

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Yeah, 1000m/s is around mach3.

And at 76m/s and shutter speed of 1/8000s the plane would have moved less than a centimeter during actuation.
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Old Apr 10, 2006, 5:34 AM   #13
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Regardless of shutter speeds and such...
Where's blurring caused by engine exhaust?
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i think the dude had a cam on a tripod and toolk the shot of the plan when it was stationary or very slowly with its landing gear out. then took another shot after the plan had moved completely to make a deletion layer behind plane so when landing ger is cropped out it looks nice.

it could have been cloned out also but alot more work and the ground looks to well composed for this.
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Old Apr 10, 2006, 6:52 AM   #15
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One thing you all forgot. Where is the heat "distortion" caused by the exhaust of the jet engine? The taxi way line directly behind the exhaust looks perfectly clear.
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Old Apr 10, 2006, 7:20 AM   #16
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Excellent duscussion on this subject. I did a little checking with some friends on a chat group (we are all aircraft buffs) and did pass the photo along. We all felt that it is a fake for most of the reasons everyone has expressed. As noted the fuel probe is extended and the missing exhaust distortion. Best guess is it was taken from another aircraft as they were at altitude about to re-fuel and someone took a lot of time to make this shot look real.
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Old Apr 10, 2006, 9:07 AM   #17
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Here's the opposite side at the same time, supposedly. (bit of detective work. :-))

I like this one better, it looks more real.
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Old Apr 10, 2006, 9:17 AM   #18
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Anatoly Kvochur is the pilot, he's mad as a box of frogs.
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Old Apr 10, 2006, 10:01 AM   #19
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one thing for certain, he's not taking off. the flaps are in entirely the wrong position. this shot shows no flap deployment at all, and in either a take off, flaps would be lowered to increase the AOA of the wing and generate more lift.if the plane is moving, this was not taken by a stationary observer; if the shot was taken from a pacing aircraft, as it apparently was, the angle would make this Flanker look closer to the ground than it really was. if this is real, the plane would have had to be moving at least 250 knots, which would work out to roughly 125-130 m/sec, or about .13 meters in 1/1000 sec. that's about 5 inches.a fast shutter speed of, say,1/2000 sec, would show movement of only about 2.5 inches, and at 1/4000, the motion would be imperceptible in a subject of this scale.

he's certainly not moving at mach 3, however. no known aircraft is capable of that speed at low altitude, certainly not 10 feet off the ground. the Flanker might manage mach 2.5 balls out at 50,000 ft...

the shot from the other side does look like the real thing.
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Old Apr 10, 2006, 10:28 AM   #20
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Anatoly Kvochur is leader of the group that includes pilots Vladimir Loginovskiy and Alexander Garnayev. The Su-27 No 598, 595, and Su-30 No 597 demonstrators used by the group are equipped with the most sophisticated radio and navigation equipment, satellite navigation included, and they feature air refueling system. Their flight range at a cruise speed of 900-1,000 km/h and at an altitude of 12,000-15,000 m is about 4,000 km. When air refueled, Kvochur flown Su-27 covered 16,000 km within 24 hours with only three intermediate stops. This unique super long range flight took place in March of 1995 and the plane flew from Moscow via Tashkent and Singapore to Melbourne and back. Moreover, A Kvochur took part in almost every major air show.

Almost every air show hosting nation is eager to invite Kvochur, for his participation guarantees a spectacular aerobatics, with stunts changing each other without pauses at an extremely low altitude. One of the most vivid ones is of course the Cobra, when a plane brakes, hovering in midair with a very big angle of attack, which resembles cobra's stance before it hits. Other figures include the Knife, when the plane moves forward with the 90-deg. turn, and the Bell. Being a test pilot since 1977 and having worked for the Mikoyan design bureau for over 10 years, Kvochur has been performing stunts ever since. He performed the Cobra in the early 1990s as part of the "Dogfight" program. It is worth mentioning here, that at that time the Su-27, with its superb characteristics, did not exist. Having performed this stunt that early, Kvochur proved its high effectiveness, thus opening a new era of the Russian combat aircraft employment.
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