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slipe wrote:
He surprised me by saying probably the most dangerous fighter in the world in a real fight is the F-14 because of the Phoenix missile. I had thought it wasn't maneuverable enough to be effective against another fighter and was just for bombers. He said you could always outmaneuver it but you couldn't ignore one. They come in from above unpowered and you can't see them, so you have to start pulling Gs when you anticipate it arriving based on the launch warning.
Well, if you think it, speed is life also for missiles because their maneuverability is based to aerodynamic surfaces and Phoenix has big rocket motor so it can fly much farther with its own power meaning higher speed, also changing height back to speed in "half-ballistic" flight path surely gives nice speed boost for end game.
And nearly 3x warhead size compared to AMRAAM surely gives its own spice to soup meaning close "misses" would be counted more often.

I thought the most dramatic engine failure ever was the Mig-29 at the Paris airshow when one flamed out when the pilot was holding it vertical with power. I'm amazed at how good Russian ejection seats are.
Yeah, that's also area where they have had plenty of demonstrations of their craftsmanship.

Here's good video from that Ukraine airshow crash:


And some pics from that Paris airshow crash

Now how did it went... "Only occasion when you have too much fuel is when plane is on fire.":

I wonder do they have something similar like "Martin Baker fan club"

Ejection Trivia
Lowest Altitude Ejection: Submerged 10-20 feet...
Most Miraculous Ejection: This one goes to an Israeli pilot flying an A4 Skyhawk at low level approx. 350 kts. The pilot reports he was flying straight and level, then he was lying on his back on the valley floor with a massive headache...
Most Tragic, Successful Ejection: A British Harrier Pilot was executing a hover demonstration at an airshow when he was asked by the control tower if he was aware that the aircraft was on fire. Replying in the negative, he elected to decend to a safe landing. Upon setting down on the field, he determined that the fire had spread too rapidly for a normal exit. Activating the handles he ejected cleanly, getting a good chute. His landing was uneventful, albeit unfortunatly the seats landing was not. A spectator in the crowd was hit and killed by the decending seat.

But that Israel airforce F-15 landing with one wing missing is really nice... Pilot decided to try landing after hard mid air collision because he couldn't see wing was missing and there wasn't warning light for that. :G


I thought it was a mistake to go for the F-22 over the F-23. The F-23 was a better aircraft for a high threat environment.
Yeah, with those GE engines its supercruise speed would have been damn high, and it would have been way more stealthy from rear sector, both for radar and IR.

Now actually wasn't one of the "reasons" behind selecting F-22 its lower price... But for some reason that price started to bloat immediately after winning contest.
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Well I have this one, it looks more realistic doesn't??

Hope you like it...
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