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Jiva-san Dec 27, 2005 11:12 PM

First off, I'm new to the forum so hi :bye:

I plan on buying a Canon Powershot A410 and was wondering if this camera can utilize a high-speed memory card, such as a Sandisk Ultra 2 card, in terms of being able to reduce lag time between shots. Thanks to anyone who replies :|

granthagen Dec 28, 2005 5:17 PM

I hope that someone can tell you straight up. If they can't, you need to do some Google safariis and try to find out what the write-speed of your camera is. I tried this for my cp 5700 and couldn't find out. I even asked Nikon tech support and they wouldn't give me a straight answer.

In theory, all you should have to know are the write-speed of the camera and the write-to, or read-speed of the card. If the camera can write faster than the card can read, you could benefit from a faster card.

In theory.

What I've actually heard is that real-world performance of a given card with a given camera is uncomfortably close to voodoo. A card of a rated speed can operate differently depending on the brand of camera you use it with. Something about the chip architechture being more compatible with some camera brands than others.

If you have friends that also have digital cameras, maybe a few of them have a high speed rated card compatible with your camera. If so, ask to borrow a few cards and try them out in your camera and see if there is any difference in lag time.
Of course, if you're ordering the card with the camera online, you can't do this. You'll just have to check out reviews and see whether they mention anything useful about maximum card speed or try to check it out yourself as mentioned earlier.
Good luck!

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