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Default Can someone buy me one of these please.....

It would be good Karma for you.


Really though, good price....would make a nice stocking stuffer (well, a picture of it maybe considering it won't ship until January)
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As well as all the other goodies in this 'stocking filler' - notice the MPEG (Mot MJPEG) video recording mode as well! VOX
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If this was me I guess... Yes, it might be a nice camera, but I'd spend the extra 50 bucks or so and get the Canon Digital Rebel or the Nikon D70 that is due to come out next year. Size of the photograph wont matter if its not sharp and crisp. Larger images would just make it stand out more. But everyone has different taste. Just if I was to spend a grand on a camera, it sure wouldnt be a Sony... Just my opinion. All Digital Point & Shoots will continue to fall in resell value due to the fact that the quality isnt up to film quality. Atleast with SLR, it can always be upgraded as new lenses, features and add-ons come out.
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Until the new Sony camera is released and the quality of its pictures has been demonstrated, this is "the number of angels dancing in the head of a pin" discussion. We know what most of the DSLRs can do... We can't yet tell how good or bad the output of the Sony 828 will be.
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