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kidda Jun 2, 2003 12:57 PM

Can UK based buy U.S Mail Order Cameras
Just about to order my new digital camera from Amazon UK, but notice that the same camera is nearly 80 cheaper with U.S. Amazon.

If I am UK based, can I purchase an American Digital Camera.

I am aware there is a different power specifications, but how easy is this to convert.

Can I buy just the camera and a seperate UK charger/Docking bay.

Sick of being ripped off cause we're British.

Any advice very welcome.

Mike_PEAT Jun 2, 2003 1:24 PM

Electricity difference is only one of the issues. The main issue is you will have NO WARRANTY in the'd have to ship it back to the US if you want it fixed.

Second, what will the cost of the camera be after you add shipping, not to mention duties and local taxes (are you comparing the US price with the VAT added UK price)?

Electricity isn't that big an issue because many supplies are designed to work around the world (and if the charger uses AAs you can just buy a local charger)...if not you can still buy the local charger for that camera (although you're getting close to the price difference).

The other minor issue is video out of the may be NTSC instead of the PAL your country uses.

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