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JockScott wrote:

Quoting mckennma "If you don't like the rules in Canada, don't go back. They won't miss you at all."

The Land of the Free ............. Where was that again ?
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ding, ding, ding :?

rinniethehun and videosilva, before the two of you have at it any further, there is a big misunderstanding and it is actually rinniethehun's fault (or his computer's).

I am using stevesforums standard default settings. I, like videosilva, do NOT see any question. There is NO question visible. :?

HOWEVER, when I highlight the large black space at the bottom of rinniethehun's message, words appear ... his missing question! Aparantly on my machine, as well as videosilva's machine, black letters on a black background just simply do NOT show up. So be careful what font attribute you choose.

Now, get back to the squabble!:?
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Canada's motto is not "Land of the Free, Home of the Brave". It is "Drink Molson and play hockey" or maybe "The Land of curling". You were visiting their country and did not respect their rules. When you are asked not to do something, you should listen.

You need to learn to adapt when traveling, otherwise, stay home.
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videosilva wrote:
Being one of the PORREST Provinces in Canada you sure have alot to say.

The PORREST Provice??? I didn't know that!!!
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That's enough guys.

This thread is closed.

Jim C.

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