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Everytime I walk around town, I always see perfect opportunities to take photos of people. However, I feel very awkward taking photos of random strangers, where I almost feel like a stalker. How do you feel about this issue?

What is the etiquette when dealing with strangers as subjects in your photographs? Do you snap now then ask later, vice-versa, or don't take the picture at all?
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Here's something about street photography. Don't really know if it's helpful for you, but I found it pretty interesting.

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There is no easy answer to the question. If your not using the photo's commercially, then its probably not necessary to announce yourself or your intent to photograph. However, if you plan on selling or displaying the images anywhere, a model release would be required. In this case its better to ask before shooting...no sense taking shots and not being able to use them if the subject doesn't agree to the release. If children are involved, the parents should always be spoken to first.
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Try reading this article.

It doesn't provide a clear-cut answer, because the law is also not always clear-cut.

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Smile a lot, don't try to hide that you're taking photos.

I do it all the time. If someone looks concerned, I'll show them photos on the display. Be enthusiastic and tell them "great, huh". Heck, sometimes I'll have people lining up wanting to have their photo taken in some of the restaurants and clubs I go to, with all of them looking at the LCD to see how they turned out, and I collect their e-mail addresses offering to send them a copy.

Next thing you know, they'll be used to you taking photos and you'll get more candids (where they're not posing for the camera).

I'm sure everyone has their own way of doing it. But, I never try to hide the fact that I'm taking photos, and that seems to work well for me. From time to time, someone will object. I have no problem with that. If they object, I won't take their photo again.

My favorite line when someone seems to be concerned about my taking photos... "new playtoy, great huh?" (and don't forget to smile and act like a kid with a new toy). ;-)

Here's a good read that you may or may not agree with:

Telephoto is for Cowards

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