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OK here is my question, if you put the camera on Manual mode where you pick the F-stop and Shutter speed does having the Metering system on the camera set to Evaluate, Partial or Center going to make a difference or does the metering even work being it's in Manual mode? I kept my camera focused on one thing and picked f-stop of 8 , shutter speed 125 just to see if there was a difference when changing through all the metering modes. There was a slight change on the over/under exposure level bar so does this mean it does affect it?

Happy 4th of july!
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I had this very same question with my Rebel XT.

Will it affect your pictures if all you change is the metering mode and leave the aperture and shutter speed the same? No.

The under/overexposure bar reflects the changes you should make that the camera automatically makes in the other Creative modes when you select different metering modes.

For example, say you have a shutter speed of 1/60th,aperture of f/4, and evaluative metering (and the over/underexposure bar in the middle).

Now if you change the metering mode to Center metering and the over/underexposure bar goes to the right (overexposure), that means that if you want a properly exposed picture, to either have a faster shutter speed or stop down your aperture.

Hope that makes sense.
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As Justin said - the short answer is NO. In manual mode you are overriding the camera's metering. When you see the metering bar move by changing meter modes you're seeing the different affects of those modes. It's probably not a bad thing to study. In evaluative you would see very dark or very light areas in the outer edges of your frame affect the metering. Those dark or light edges will have less of an affect in center weighted metering. So, no it doesn't affect the meterint. But it does help show you how the camera would have adjusted the exposure if you used one of the other shooting modes and changed the meter mode.

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"For instance, when shooting sports or wildlife, evaluative is a poor metering mode because you're much more concerned with the subject being properly exposed than the background. For landscape, evaluative is probably better as it will better protect against blowing highlights.
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