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Tizianohc Nov 11, 2012 10:22 PM

Canon 550D/T2i in really cold conditions
So i'm going to be going up to Labrador city around christmas to see the northern lights and its meant to get down to around -30 degrees celsius.
I'm bringing my 550D and my kit lens (18-55mm) and might be getting another lens (possible a 10-20mm).
Will the cold be an issue with my camera? I'll be keeping my batteries and memory card on me to keep them warm and know to put my camera and lens in a ziploc bag before bringing them into a warm room, but will the cold do any harm to my camera?

thanks for the help

PeterP Nov 12, 2012 9:43 AM

I don't have that combination of equipment, but so far I have not had issues with my Canon equipment in the cold. Last winter was -31c in Algonquin when we decided to go looking for birds.

The wide 10-22 would be better for taking shots of the aurora, exposures in the 15 to 30 second range usually work So a tripod would be useful.
Be aware that lubricants stiffen up in those temperatures and things may become difficult to move.

You have the right idea on protecting your equipment coming back in from the cold.

Other that that have a great trip!
Here a some images of the aurora to wet your appetite, some of them have the equipment and exposure details used attached to them. Would give you and idea of what worked for other people.

VTphotog Nov 12, 2012 11:51 AM

I wouldn't recommend swapping lenses at those temperatures. Gloves are clumsy, and fingers freeze quickly. Lens caps are also difficult to deal with. Shutters can slow down, but long exposures of Northern Lights won't be bothered by a little over. Your LCD may get sluggish and dark, but I haven't had one get permanently damaged.
If you haven't experienced Arctic cold before, you may be in more danger of damage from the weather than your camera. If you are able, take some time to acclimate.


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