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jgagnor Dec 17, 2002 11:07 AM

canon a40 vs sonydsc p51
Help I recently purchased the Canon a 40,just wondering if I should return it,it's not bad but there's so many choices now I was wondering about the sony I like the small size,also how does Olympus rate in digital cameras??

jsmeeker Dec 17, 2002 7:50 PM

The A40 is nice. Fairly basic as digi cams go today, but for $250, its a great deal. Olympus makes nice stuff. The Sony's seem to be very popular, but you'll pay a premium for the name, plus the media (the memory stick) can get pricey.

MentorRon Dec 20, 2002 12:57 PM

A40 vs the Competition
When someone has just bought a digicam and start to have second thoughts about it, I wonder if they are dis-satisfied with the pictures it takes. If not, keep the camera: you get a lot of features others lack for your $$$. The A40 takes good pictures but like any digicam they aren't perfect. Also there are a few QC issues with this model: the 'focus' patch you may need from the Canon Web site (if the serial number doesn't have a '5' as the fifth digit), and some of them (even with digit 5=5) have a misaligned CCD, causing the right side of pics to be somewhat out of focus at all settings (my friend had one and I found another post on the Web from another user with same problem). It also has problems at extreme bright/dark boundaries, due to minor 'blooming' of the image (buildings and treelines against cloudy bright sky). It also tends toward cooler colors, which some people may not prefer (compared to Fuji and some Canon 'S' series, which appear to have 'warmer' colors).
I have two Fuji's, each with their own set of 'problems' or challenges, if you prefer. I have even viewed pics from professional digital SLRs and can find fault with them, if I'm really picky. One of them had 'cooler' pictures than even the A40 produces (as you can see I prefer 'warmer' pics)!!!
Before dumping an A40, compare Steve's Sample Pictures taken by it with any other camera you might otherwise have chosen, and determine if it's worth the extra cash.
There aren't a lot of 'features' the A40 doesn't have. The only one that comes to mind is a strong macro function, but you can buy the Canon adapter and closeup lens to rectify this situation.

gverde Dec 20, 2002 1:22 PM

I bought my daughter the A40 for Christmas and took it out of the box to take a couple of shots. I took the same shot with my Nikon 5700 5MP camera. I was surprised at the quality of the Canon. The Canons flash seemed to be brighter and in comparing the two photos at a printed 4 x6, there wasn't much difference between the two. The Canon seems to be a able to take sharp quality photos.

Laurie_lu Dec 23, 2002 2:32 PM

I returned a Sony P51 and bought a Canon A40 in its place. The Sony's indoor evening shots were nearly black and barely visable. I read the manual at least 10 times and worked with all the manual settings also. Nothing could fix this problem. Day shots were off on color. Peoples lips were fushia and had bluish skin tones. Adjusting the white balance did not help either. The lense is in a bad spot being all the way to the left of the camera making it too easy to have a finger in front of the lense. The set/enter button is in the center of a 4 switch toggle which for me was very inconvenient and hard to master. The battery charger took 13 hours to charge 2 AA batteries and each recharge after that took just as long. After uploading about 8 pics to my PC with the Sony the batteries lost their charge. I took the Sony back. I love my Canon A40. I should have chosen this in the first place. Pics are so clear and true to color. Indoor evening shots are great. Buttons are very easy to use. I use Rayovac rechargable batteries and they lasted over a week before needing a recharge. I had to purchase a separate battery charger and batteries but that's ok. I'd rather buy from a company that puts their price towards the camera only and not towards a camera and a cheap 13 hour battery charger & short lived batteries.


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