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JCB Apr 11, 2003 3:12 PM

Canon A60 or Kodak DX4330???
My wife and I just had a baby and would like to get a digital camera with which to take pictures (and small video clips) of him. We have a modest budget. I am looking at the Kodak DX4330 and the Canon A60. I was originally looking at the Canon A70 and the Nikon 950, but we probably need to keep our purchase under $300. Does anyone have any opinions on any of the cameras I have mentioned, or any others they think might be a good match for us?

Many thanks!

Gimli Apr 11, 2003 10:52 PM

I love my canon a60. That enough?

Many manual features, many auto features.

Out of the box its point-n-shoot.

Can do video with audio.

Lowlight assist focus...

Its fits in the hand nicely, can buy other lenses for it later.

Can leave voice memos about pictures

Various white balance settings (incandecent, flouresent lighting as well as others)

Continuous picture taking (havent played with that part yet)

3x optical 2.0 MP camera, comes with a 16mb CF card. Has a video out so you can view pictures on the TV (think you can view the video too, havent tried that)

Hope this helps somewhat, I dont know anything about the kodak camera :)

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