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Default Canon A70 vs Sony P92

Alright, receiving great informative responses for my previous posts I've 90% decided to go for the A70 instead of the A80 thanks to your feedback.

I also looked at and considered the Minolta G500 and Nikon 3100 and 4300. I may be looking at it the wrong way but I don't want a camera that requires priority batteries. I've spend a small fortune buying a charger and 40+ nimh batteries over the past 2 years. I want to continue using them since they're so convienient.

I was just flipping through the current ad for Circuit City and saw a Sony P92 5 megapixel for $380. I didn't see many reviews for it. Is this a better purchase than the A70?
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Reading Steve's review of the Sony would lean me toward the Sony.
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Sammy, having owned a Sony DSC-P10 briefly (similiar to the DSC-P92, only the P10 is a little smaller, and uses Lithium Ion versus AA Batteries), I would personally go with the Canon, if forced to choose between those two models. But, I would definitely go with the G500, if you can change your thoughts on batteries.

I was not happy with the Sony P10's metering (especially indoors). I like my new Konica KD-510z (a.k.a., Minolta G500) MUCH better.

As far as proprietary batteries, I understand how you feel. I too have spent money on rechargeable AA NiMH Batteries and Chargers for previous cameras (my new Konica is my 7th Digital Camera).

I also have CompactFlash media used with previous models, and still own a Nikon that uses this media.

For my latest camera (the Konica DiMAGE KD-510z/Minolta DiMAGE G500), I decided that I would start with a "clean slate", not worrying about reusing my existing investment in media or batteries.

There are pros and cons to AA versus Proprietary Batteries.

Lithium Ion Batteries hold their charge much better, compared to NiMH Batteries (which tend to lose their charge when sitting idle, much more than Lithium Ions). Lithium Ion batteries are also less effected by temperature extremes.

They are also easier to charge and load (no need to worry about battery polarity, etc., since they only fit in the camera and charge one way).

Also, Proprietary batteries really aren't as expensive as you think. Generic 850mAh Lithium Ion Batteries using Japanese Cells for the Minolta G500 are around $10.50 from an Ebay vendor, with two for around $21.00. This model uses the same battery as the Konica Revio KD-310z, KD-400z, KD-410z, KD-500z, and KD-510z; so Generic Batteries are plentiful from third party sources.

This camera comes with one rechargeable battery, and a separate charger. I've also gotten very good battery life from mine.

I've taken more than 100 photos on many occassions with my camera, with most of them using flash; and have only "run out of juice" once since I owned the camera (since mid-July). This was at a recent birthday party, where I took almost 200 photos (mostly with flash, outside at night), before depleting the battery.

The new Minolta G500 is identical to the Konica Revio KD-510z (which is a major upgrade to the Konica KD-500z). The Konica models in this series (including the new Minolta G500) all use the same battery. Here is an example of where to buy two from a reputable Ebay vendor:


Bear in mind, that the price of the 5MP Minolta G500, including spare Lithium Ion Batteries, would still be less than the price of the Sony DSC-P92 you quoted, if you buy it from an online vendor (this model can be found for a little over $300.00 from many reputable vendors).
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CompactFlash is usually the least expensive media type (cost/MB) since it's a more mature media type, with more competition.

Secure Digital is an emerging format (developed jointly by Toshiba, Sandisk, and Pansonic), and is now being used in many new cameras (and other devices, too). So, the price if Secure Digital should continue to decline.

Even Canon switched to it in it's new SD100 model, since it has a smaller footprint, with less power draw, compared to CompactFlash.

From a media perspective, the Canon A70 would be less expensive. However, this could change in the future, as more and more cameras and other devices (PDA's, some newer Mobile phones, etc.) use this media type.

SD is also available in very fast formats (Panasonic's 256mb and 512mb Secure Digital Cards are rated at 10MB/Second).

The G500 can use Secure Digital and/or Sony Memory Stick media (and you can have both in the camera at the same time). I'm using a Toshiba Secure Digital Card, and a Lexar 128mbx2 Memory Stick in mine (I found the Lexar on sale at Dell.com, and took advantage of it -- around $60.00 for 256mb (128mbx2) including shipping).

So, as I mentioned before, I decided to start with a "clean slate". The camera's size, flash range, features, and image quality were the most important considerations to me. Media and Battery Types were a distant consideration.
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