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Default canon a80 or sony p10

i love the canons flip lcd screen and the manual controls ( but i dont now a thin bout digicams as this is gonna be my 1st one soo ill have to read the maual 1st bout the maual controls )
love the sony for its speed ( shot - shot time n quick start ups ) and the extra mp
which one do ya thin has a better image quality n which one would perform better indoor as well as outdoors , and will the sonys extra mp come in handy ????
im into both --- shootin indoors as well as outdoors so would like to no which is better indoor , outdoor n for both the situations

thanz for ya responses
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I personally found the Sony to be an extremely poor performer indoors (metering accuracy, focus accuracy, flash recycle times, noise levels, etc.).

Outdoors, it was a little better (although it did tend to overexpose most shots slightly, with oversaturated greens in some lighting conditions).

I owned one briefly, and didn't want to live with it's "quirks", so I returned it.

I replaced it with a Konica Revio KD-510z (a.ka., Minolta DiMAGE G500) which I've found to be a much better camera in a wider variety of shooting conditions. It's indoor performance is superb.

If given the choice between the Canon A80, and the Sony P10, I'd go with the Canon every time.

You may want to read my responses to another poster that purchased and returned at P10 here:


BTW, the A80 will have lower noise than either the Sony DSC-P10, or my Konica KD-510z (Minolta G500). The A80's 4 Megapixel 1/1.8" CCD is less dense compared to the 5MP 1.1.8" CCD used in the Sony DSC-P10 or the Minolta G500.

The A80 is not as pocketable as either though, and I was looking for a pocketable camera. I believe that the Minolta G500 is the best model in this category available now.

I've also seen posts from users of the Canon S400 (their 4 Megapixel Pocketable camera model), and the Minolta G500/Konica KD-510z (they are identical). They both preferred the Konica (better/faster focus, better color accuracy, etc.).

Personally I also prefer the faster startup time, and much better ergonomics of the Konica KD-510z (Minolta G500) over the Sony DSC-P10.

I find it much easier to hold and shoot (since it's lens is located closer to the center of the camera), compared to the Sony P10 (which had the lens on one side of the camera, making it very hard to hold with both hands, without worrying about blocking the lens).
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